Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hey friends. Have you ever done something you thought was a really good thing and your people just got mad at you? That happened to me today.

Mom let me out for a potty break and watched as I did my thing and sniffed around. She turned around for a second to pick up something and then I came trotting back up to the door. With a present. That was dead. Maybe that's where I went wrong. Maybe Mom likes her presents alive. Anyway, Mom was not fond of my present :( She kept saying "Drop it. DROP IT!" And I just looked at her like, "Drop what?" Then Dad came out and Mom got me to chase her and I did drop it. Dad inspected while Mom held on to me. At first he thought it was a mole, but eventually decided it was a baby bunny rabbit. There are sometimes bunnies in our yard, but we have never seen babies around. The neighbors have a garden in their backyard, so we think that's why he was around. Luckily, they think it was already dead, so I didn't get in trouble for that.

Mom ran out and got some kind of doggy mouth cleaner junk that tastes terrible. She subjected me to that torture (I thought water-boarding was illegal. I'm calling my Congress-dog) and says I'll have to get it again later, since I mostly wouldn't let her open my lips to put it on and she got it all over my lips. I'm also not allowed to kiss her for awhile. I thought I was doing something good and I end up punished. Sigh.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Best Vacation Ever!

Hi friends!

My mommy felt so bad that I didn't get to go on their vacation a few weeks ago that she decided to take me on a vacation. Without That Daddy Guy! Just the two of us! OMD! The even bestest part? My grandparents came, too! Mom didn't trust her Mister Taxi to make such a long trip, so Grandma loaned Mommy hers. My grandma is the greatest!  Mom was also grateful to have some company that doesn't snore in the car. I don't know what she means by that.

 We couldn't leave until Mommy was done with the work place for the day. Grandma and Grand-paw beat her, so they let me out of jail and we played until Mommy got home. She finished packing and we hit the road! We planned on stopping in Michigan and Mr. Holiday's Inn. On the way, we saw a big fire:

Luckily it wasn't on our side of the road, so we could keep going. People going the other way were completely stopped and that didn't look like fun. I only like car rides that go places!

We stopped for the night at Mr. Holiday's Inn. Mom put my crate cover sheet on the bed, so I could hop up. I made myself at home though:

I like my pillow forts :)  I also liked Mr. Holiday's Inn. The room was really big (plenty of space for Mommy, Grandma, Grand-paw, and my crate) and clean.  They also had a delicious smelling breakfast. Mommy didn't let me get close to check it out though. Something about letting the strangers eat in peace. I don't know what that meant either. Mom did save part of the icing from her cinnamon roll to give me though. It made me miss That Daddy Guy, but only a little bit. The only thing I didn't like was that the room was on the third floor. That meant I had to ride the Lelevator for potty breaks. I had never ridden one before and was curious at first. Then I realized how terrible they are. The floor feels like it moves, except it doesn't, except it DOES because when the doors open, you're somewhere other than where you started. I wasn't a fan after that. Luckily, we were close to the stairs, so Mommy took those for my morning break.  So Mr. Holiday's Inn gets 4 paws up, but the Lelevator gets ninety millionty paws down!

The next day we went on to Canada. This is Grand-paw's car in front of us close to customs and that line of cars going the other way were going to the US. And they are completely stopped. As in, that's how long the line was! Wow!

We stopped at the grocery store and I waited with Mommy while Grandma and Grand-paw shopped. I wasn't allowed inside...something about too tempting and we'd have to buy more because I sampled too much. I'm not sure how that happens, but they had nice benches and pee-mail boxes close.

 I love that Mommy of mine!

 Mommy's family has a cabin off Lake Superior. It's been in the family for a thousand billionty years and Mommy's been going every year since she was born. Grand-paw's been going for almost since he was a baby, too. Which is even longer than Mommy! Wow!

The people sit out on the deck all day and read books. The last couple of years, they let me stay outside too, just gave me a longer leash, but I kept getting tangled with the chair legs.  This year, they got me a pen and I liked it a lot.

 The view

 I spent my days on squirrel patrol. Here I am just keeping watch:


 Go away, squirrel! But the chipmunks can come. I left those alone.

 Whew. He's gone, so it's time for a nap, looking at the lake that I won't go in.

 Mommy and I left before Grandma and Grand-paw. We were still on the cabin's driveway and I was already "snoring"

 That night, we stopped at my pal Luna's house. She moved to Ohio a while back and we haven't been to see her house.

Luna also just got a human puppy brother, so Mom was excited to meet that. I thought he smelled funny, so I tried to pee on him. Mommy caught me though, so I didn't get to. Only got a little on the floor. Boo. Luckily, Mommy always travels with my mess cleaner-upper spray. Even though I know better, sometimes I get too excited and forget.

I also was a big help to Luna's mommy with the puppy. Puppies are tough work, after all. I helped clean up after making bottles and sniffed the puppy's feet to get him to be quiet. I'm so glad I don't have one of those things at my house though.

We're finally home, and even though I liked having time with just Mommy, I kinda missed That Daddy Guy and let him give me lots of lovings. Don't tell, but I may actually like him.