Monday, October 29, 2012


Hi friends!
This was the best weekend ever! Well, except for the part where one night my people left me home all by myself to eat and chase zombies. I didn't like that part. But I DID love hanging out on the couch all day Saturday while Mom did work for her school and Dad napped and watched football. Those days should be every day.

Anyway, my town really likes Halloween. There's all kinds of activities happening. I'm not sure why they like it so much, since Halloween is the worst holiday ever, but they do. Humans just can't be explained. Sunday night was my town's annual Thriller parade. For 11 years (that's more than me!) a local dance studio has taught people the dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller and they re-enact the music video downtown as zombies. It's tons of fun. So many people this year signed up, they actually had 3 stations for the parade and we were right by one!
Looking down the street at the Kentucky Theater, where Michael normally appears.

Me and my people

Roller zombie

I got cold, so Dad let me in his giant coat!

The mounted police dressed up like the Headless Horseman. I just wanted to say hi to the horsie!

Michael and the girl

Michael's got moves


Run Michael!

Whew! That was close! Mom said she'll have to teach me to walk like a zombie next year and maybe I can be in the parade. No thanks Mom. I'll admire the zombies from a distance. And for any fur-ends that might be scared--they're not REAL zombies. Just humans dressed up as them. 

My mom and dad both went to a school called Transylvania. You know with a name like that, they have to have lots of Halloween fun! Mom could tell stories, but this is MY blog, Mom.  One of the newer traditions is "Pumpkin Mania" where students, teachers, and staff all carve pumpkins and they light them on the steps of the famous building on campus.

Here they all are

and me posing with them.

And that's why this was the best weekend ever!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ms. Lacey

Hi friends!
I'm not sure if my mommy mentioned this or not, or if you saw the badge on my sidebar, but I'm a blogger for Ms. Lacey! Her blog is all about dogs and dog health and information and funny dog stories. I posted over there today about the worst holiday in the world, so go check it out and leave me nice comments. Maybe if I get lots, I can win a treat bag!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sickies and Parties

Hi friends!
Mom already told you about my yuckiness. It was no fun, let me tell you! I had to go to the V-E-T and I had to go to the back exam rooms. Nothing good EVER happens in those back rooms. The V-E-T tech said they had a 100 pound lab lock his legs just like me and had to be carried back there. Smart dog. Unfortunately I'm small enough that Mom could just drag me across the floor. Boo.

I had to have a thermometer AND a stick my you-know-where, just like me check-up and I did NOT like that. Then I got shot and he gave my mom two bottles of pills. Luckily, the shot seemed to fix me up pretty quickly, since I didn't have any issues while Mom had to go to work that afternoon. It still took a couple of days for my poops to get to normal and Mom thinks they're still not quite right, but they're at least pick-up-able, which is all she really cares about. She says she'll see how I'm doing once I finish all my pills and see if I have to go back. I hope not!

Either way, thank you for the well-wishes and concern. Grandma offered to come stay with me on Thursday when she and Grandpa were on their way home from vacation, but Mom didn't think I needed them to.

So this has been one of the worst weeks ever, but the weekend was pretty good. Daddy's been sick (not with the same thing), so we've just been hanging out. People came over yesterday for a Halloween party and I showed off my Halloween costume and got pretzels and belly rubs and gave out snuggles. The only bad part has been Mom's been doing a terrible job of staying on the couch where she belongs. Someone needs to knock sense into her!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thoughts and Prayers Needed

Hi everyone,
Mister's mom here today asking for your thoughts and prayers. Mister's had the D since yesterday morning. We just got home from the V-E-T (an experience I'm sure he'll tell everyone about later) and he has a bacterial infection. Good news, he'll be totally fine. Bad news, we still have to leave him to go work (V-E-T bills don't pay themselves!), so that's hard on everyone. Thanks and have a best day ever!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Racing and Blessings

Hi friends! This has been the BEST weekend EVER!  It all started very early Saturday morning when I heard a weird sound. Apparently it was Dad's alarm on his phone. I was so confused why we were getting up early, but I'll tell you--that rarely ends well for me. When my people both wake up before the sun, I usually get left alone. But not this time. Yay!

We got up early to go downtown. We were going to help Dad's work help with Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure. I didn't get to meet Ms. Susan, but I did get to meet Ms. Amber from the news, so now I'm a celebrity. Dad's work created a team for the race called Team Pyddney. Ms. Pyddney was a very nice lady who died last year from her third bout with breast cancer and Race for the Cure works to finding a cure for her cancer. Mom even made me a super cool bandana to wear, but it was a little big, so it looked like a cape. I loved it anyway!

We got up so early because Dad's work was hosting a breakfast for members of the team. Since rain was in the forecast, we set up in part of garage near Dad's office.

 I was a hit from the start and everyone wanted pictures of my bandana!

 Ms. Pyddney had her great? grandfather's Model T car restored and it became a symbol for the team. I'm not sure what Model T means, but it's a funny looking car and I wasn't allowed to go for a ride. Boo.

Standing in front of the table to greet team members.

My bandana


Helping Dad work. Passing out t-shirts is hard.

This is Mr. John. He's Dad's boss man. But he's pretty nice.

Dad's work decided to match all gifts made to RFTC up to $25,000. They met that goal and more. The final total ended up being over $60,000 (Mom asked and yes, that does include the gift match)! The check only shows $59,000, but it had to be written before all the donations had come in.

Waiting for the next part. Mom was very impressed I let a little girl pet me. She was nice and had slow hands like I like. Plus I was a little distracted and didn't really notice. Mom was also impressed I let one of Dad's co-workers take me on a tour of the park area. I'm always up for a walk, Mom!

Me posing with the car. The sun was in my eyes.

We came home and rested up. Helping Dad is hard! Later that afternoon, Mom hosted friends over to celebrate Molly's mom, Michel's, birthday. They were fun. One was named "Cat" and she really wanted to pet me. I wasn't too sure since she didn't look anything like a cat, but finally she won me over and she liked petting me.

THEN! Today was Mom and Dad's church's Blessing of the Pets. This was the seventh annual one, but I've only been around for 3 and we had to miss last year. It celebrates St. Francis of Assisi who loved animals. I really liked it. My favorite store, The Bluegrass Barkery, donated treats and another place brought treats, too. I got to sniff some butts and I met a kitty cat and a ferret! The funny part is the ferret belongs to a lady who works for the shelter I came from, so she knew me and I think I remembered her, too!

Dad, me, and Mom

There were big dogs and little dogs. And a mean dog. I didn't like her.

This is Reverend Bennie and Ms. Wendy and Ms. Debbie. Ms. Wendy and Ms. Debbie were the ones who started the Blessing of the Pets, so they were in charge.

Reverend Bennie's husband, Reverend David (who's knee is right off to the side) patted some water on my head and Revered Marsha said a blessing thanking God for the love my people and I have and the friendship we give each other. That was very nice. I just wanted what was in the bag.

Ms. Wendy kept coming around, passing out Barkery treats. I'll do anything for a treat!

Dad got silly and put his hat on me. I stuck my nose through the back and could still sniff, so joke's on you, Dad.

Their church has a huge grassy area, so once all the blessings were done, I took Dad for a run. I jsut love the feeling of wind in my fur!

And that's why this was the best weekend ever!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blessing of the Pets

Hi Friends! Mom has been remiss and forgot to mention something very important going on at her and Dad's church.

It's time for their annual Blessing of the Pets! Click here for the full flier, but it's THIS SUNDAY, Oct. 7 at 2:00. They go to Twin Pines Christian Church here in Lexington, so if you live here or close, come by! Pets that walk, swim, fly, or crawl (or do something else) are welcome, but please properly contain them (I'll be on a leash). And if you want to come but your pet doesn't do well with people (or other animals), then bring a picture and they'll say a blessing for that!

We couldn't go last year, but I went 2 years ago and it's great fun! Lots of treats and butts to sniff. Mom says she'll take me this year (we were on vacation last year), so come say hi!