Sunday, January 27, 2013

If I Had a Sister...

Hi friends.

This weekend I learned what it would be like if I had a little sister. Let's just say, I'm not a fan.  My grandparents adopted Emma shortly before New Years and they all came up to visit me Friday. Emma and I did OK that night, sniffing each other and general get-to-know-you stuff. The problem was she would. Not. Leave. Me. Alone! She got put in Time Out for trying to jump on me (I don't like that) and after a little while, she jumped out of the pen! That got her put in her crate. For some reason, I wouldn't settle that evening, so I went to bed early, too. The next morning was more of the same and Emma followed me everywhere. That got old fast. We went on a walk and that helped her not be quite so obnoxious, but she still had to get into everything I did. Mom commented that she looks like a smaller version of me and really could be my sister. No thanks, Mommy.

The only good part about having her around is that Grandma gave us chewies that we each buried. Emma would forget about hers, so I'd dig hers up and eat both!

Emma looked like this a lot...One big blur. Not quite as bad as The Thing though.

I buried my bone in my toy box. Then dug it up later and buried it on the couch. Then dug it up and buried it in my crate. Then dug it up and I think I ate it.

Waiting for a treat

Mommy, that dog is exhausting. Save me.

Emma was good for Dad. She was on her leash a lot so she wouldn't get all up in my business.

Emma in Time Out.

On Saturday, my other grandparents came to visit. Of course, Grandma brought treats. I had to share with Emma, but not much. The humans all went out for lunch with me and Emma in our own crates. After they came home, Emma and my grandparents went back home. Whew!

Emma's not quite as bad as The Thing, but she's a little bit older. I still wouldn't like to have a sister all the time. Mom said if that ever happened, they'd make sure my sister or brother was closer to my own age, so I didn't have a puppy trying to play with me. No thanks, Mommy. I prefer being the only dog!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Greatest Adventure Ever

Hi friends!

I had the greatest adventure with my mommy today. She doesn't have to go that work place until later and she's actually caught up on her homework, so she said, "Mister, let's got adventuring today!" And I said, "Oh please, Mommy!"

Remember when my picture was on my pal Bunk's blog? Turns out I won second prize in his picture contest! I won a gift card to PetSmart. Since gift cards have taken over our house (according to Mommy. I haven't noticed a problem other than getting fed on time), she decided to use one up!

I hope I don't have to get a B-A-T-H!

Since it's been so cold lately, Mommy decided I needed a coat to wear and keep me warm. I made her stop at the booties. I am NOT stooping to that level.

Trying on a coat. 

Smelling smells

I heard a funny sound when I first walked in and after we made a lap around the store, I went to investigate.  Mom said it was a birdie making that racket. I've chased seen birdies in our neighborhood, but not one that colorful. The people working at PetSmart thought I was pretty cute checking out the birdie, too.

Hi. I'm Mister, a puppy dog. What are you?

The adventure didn't end there though! Since it's so cold, Mommy decided she NEEDED a Starbucks to warm her up. She also had a gift card to there, too. I love Starbucks because I look so cute, the barista gives me a puppy latte (whipped cream in a sample cup). Mm mm!

Mommy got a little disappointed because we didn't get rid of ANY gift cards  on our trips! BOL! She printed a coupon before we left for $5 off $25 or more at PetSmart, so that plus the Pet Perks card plus the coat being on sale made our total less than the card, even though we got a coat AND treats! There's still money left, so we get to go back for more treats! There's apparently still money left on her Starbucks card, too, because they handed it back to her and never asked for more. (Note from Mister's Mommy: I KNOW I've spent more than the $15, but whatever!) So in short, we went out trying to get rid of stuff and came back with more! And I went to PetSmart and didn't have to get a bath. Today was a perfect day!

Modeling my coat once we got home

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hi friends!

Bad news. My assistant (a.k.a. Mommy) has started back with classes, so my posting may get sparse again. Sad.

Lately has been really weird. Mommy's been very busy with different activities and Mom and Dad went on a date Friday night (which I did not like at ALL because I got left all alone for 40 billionty-zillion hours). My dinner was late, too. The nerve! Then, Dad got busy with stuff and left me and Mommy alone Saturday (yay!), but Mommy got busy with chores and forgot to feed me on time, too!

I did take a nice nap while I waited, though

Sunday was OK. I went walking with my pal, Molly, at the arboretum. I liked saying hi to the other puppy dogs there.

Mommy had to work all day Monday...on a holiday! And Daddy was home all day. I got so confused and all I know was that I missed my mommy. THEN, they both went to dinner with friends and left me alone AGAIN. With a late dinner AGAIN.  To make it up to me, they let me sleep in the big bed. I liked that.  But this morning, Mommy didn't take me on my W-A-L-K because the wind chill was -6 degrees. I don't know what that means, but Mommy explained that meant it was too cold and we'd go a little later in the day. AH! This is not OK. If anyone has any tips on getting my humans back on track, I'd love to hear them.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Human V-E-Ts

Hi friends!

This was the best weekend ever...well, for me anyway. Mommy was very sick this weekend, so my people stayed home all weekend, except for when Dad took Mom to see a human V-E-T. I didn't like that too much and they were gone a long time since they also had to get breakfast and Mommy's medicine. I told her I had the perfect prescription, but she said that wouldn't help her GET better, only feel better.

Anyway, both my and the human V-E-T's treatment plans have worked, since she's feeling better. I stuck close all weekend, watching TV with her when she couldn't sleep and snuggling up to keep her warm. Mommy says human V-E-Ts make a lot of money, so I think I'll send the human V-E-T a bill for my services. Maybe Dad should send him one too, since he made sure Mommy ate (she could get sicker if she didn't take her medicine with food) and took care of her. Not as good as me, of course, so maybe he just counts as my nurse.

I really like when my people stay home and lay on the couch with me, even if one doesn't feel well. That's why this was the best weekend ever!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Simple Weekend

Hi friends!

This has been the best weekend ever! The week was a little crummy since my mommy had to go back to that work place. Boo! I want her to sit on the couch and snuggle me forever. Luckily, it was only for 3 days. This week will be bad because she has to go all 5. But to make up for it, my people were home all weekend. Yay!

I've been doing a great job keeping up my New Years resolutions. Dad even gave me some treats yesterday using the excuse of helping me keep my resolution! BOL! Thanks Dad! I've also been napping lots and being crazy excited for walks.

Dad got the Christmas tree out of the house. He even let me potty on it while we were on our W-A-L-K. I watered the very tip top of it since I wouldn't be able to otherwise.

We also went on several car rides to my favoritest place: the drive thru!

That's my perfect recipe for a great weekend: treats, people on the couch, car rides, and W-A-L-Ks.

That's why this has been the best weekend ever.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Guess what? My favorite puppy dog aunt (since I technically have a kitty cat aunt, too, but she's a kitty cat and doesn't care enough to have a blog) has her own blog now! Hooray! Go visit her at Emma's Tails and be sure to leave her comments, too.