Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Hi friends,

Today is Good Friday. I think it's actually Great Friday though because both my people are home and sitting on the couch with me! Yahoo! Mommy's threatening to go to work in a little while, but I'm not going to let her. She's been sneaking out on me way to much lately.

Anyway, Good Friday is the day Jesus tells the Easter bunny all about who the good puppy dogs are so the bunny can leave chocolate eggs in yards on Sunday. Why the bunny needs a whole weekend to do what Santa Paws does over night I'm not sure. Mom says I shouldn't eat the chocolate bunny eggs because that's actually bunny "poop," but I tell Mom she's just being silly!

It's also Great Friday because my grandma's coming to visit tomorrow! I bet she'll bring me Easter treats too and not make me hunt in the yard for them.

Finally, it's Great Friday because this week was Mommy's birthday! She's 85 hundredty millions years old. Actually, last year she was 4, so I guess she's 5...but I'm 7 and she says 5 in dog years is way too many. Math is hard. Anyway, to celebrate, yesterday we went to Starbucks and I ordered my usual: a puppy latte. It's delicious.

She says I need a teeth cleaning, but I won't like that. I have to be away from her for too long!

I've also got a pretty toy box:

Mom took an old box and cut off the top and covered it with fabric. I helped. And by helped I mean, I napped and walked across the fabric as she was cutting and measuring it. She wants to add a cut out of a puppy dog paw and write my name on it, so everyone knows those are MY toys.

This is shaping up to be the best weekend ever!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick

Hi friends!

Sorry it's been quiet again. Something about my typist doing stuff that's not helping me with blog posts. She's fired.

Anyway, today is St. Patrick's Day. I explained St. Patrick's Day here, but really, there is no explanation. It's just a weird human holiday. Mom says I'm supposed to wear green or I'll get pinched. Well, she hasn't bought me anything green and I'm certainly not letting her color my fur, so I'll just have to take my chances. So far, so good. After all, I inspired a limerick, so that makes me Irish.

In other news, I built a super-cool pillow/blanket fort. I have five pillows and two blankets. My mom counted for me.

I let my people borrow some pillows, but I stole received another blanket. That means there's only one left. Haha!

Also, my mommy passed the Praxis test I mentioned a while ago. This means she gets words added to her teacher certificate and she's excited. I was excited for her when she got her scores:

She finishes her classes soon and will actually graduate in August. I better start thinking about what I should wear to the ceremony. I've only attended one and that was easy since I was the one graduating! I think I may need to start shopping for a tie.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Hi friends,

Guess what! I'm a limerick. I didn't know what a limerick was, but my bloggy pal, Oz, explained them. It's a silly poem. And he wrote one about yours truly! Be sure you check it out.