Monday, November 28, 2011


Wow! This has been the best weekend EVER! I knew there was a reason Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. As I mentioned, my grandma, grand-paw, and great-grandma all came to my house. Then we all went to Daddy's grandparents' house. I had a big weekend, so I've got lots of pictures to share.

Of course, I helped Mawmaw and Pawpaw in the kitchen as much as possible

I even threw in a "sit" just for good measure. It worked, too. Pawpaw gave me lots of little turkey pieces.

There were two other puppy dogs there and I didn't like when they tried to chase me. This was my home base and they knew not to bug me there!

Daddy protecting me from the other dogs

Me and my mom

Me and Grand-paw (on Dad's side)

Grandma (on Dad's side) giving me part of her dessert

This is everyone. On the couch is Aunt Reva, Sadie and Barker, Uncle Ryan, Daddy, me, Mommy, and Great (on mom's side). Standing is Grandpaw and Grandma (on Mom's side), Mawmaw (on Dad's side), Uncle Rick, Grandma and Grandpaw and Pawpaw (on Dad's side). That's a lot of sides...I think I ran out of paws counting all that!

This is Grandma (Mom's side) giving me belly rubs the rest of the weekend. Yes please and thank you. I even let Grandpaw (Mom's side) pet on me. Not much, but he was excited.

The fun didn't stop there. On Saturday, Daddy's football team, the Kentucky Wild(kitty)cats beat Tennessee. I didn't understand for a long time why everyone was yelling and everyone on TV was crying. They should be happy! Well, Dad explained that Kentucky had not won since Mommy was 8 months old. She's like, a thousand millonty years old now, so that's a long time. The people were crying because they were so happy and never thought they'd win. Humans are weird. On my walk that evening, I had to wear my bandana to celebrate!

The bad news was Mommy's team lost, so that made her sad, but I cheered her up by giving her lots of kisses. Mommy is lucky to have me.

Now that the turkey is eaten, it's time for Christmas. I think instead of one week-long series, I'll just post tips as they come up.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mister's Guide to Thanksgiving (part 4)

I hope everyone has enjoyed my Thanksgiving guides. I'm already trying to think of tips for Christmas, so if any friends have suggestions let me know.

I have 2 tips for everyone tonight.

Mister's Thanksgiving Tip #4: Be a help in the kitchen

Need help with that pun'kin pie, Dad?

Many humans will begin Thanksgiving cooking at least the night before (some even a week in advance). Of course, your help is absolutely necessary to clean up any messes on the floor (clean up, not make. You should stand at the back door and wait to be let out for that). Not only does this give the humans one less job, but you'll also get a preview of the deliciousness to come.

Mister's Thanksgiving Tip #5: Pick up people from the airport and answer the door for people driving to your house.

My great-grandma (far left) flew in and me, That Daddy Guy, and Mommy all went to pick her up. Daddy and I waited outside while Mom met her inside. I had fun people watching.

Grandma and Grand-paw drove up and arrived an hour later. I ran to answer the door, but that darn knob is just too high. I should write my Congress-person about that.

Whew! I don't know about you all, but all of these Thanksgiving preparations wear a dog OUT. Get plenty of rest tonight. Tomorrow is a big day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mister's Guide to Thanksgiving (part 3)

Hi everyone! Today is a yucky, rainy day. Mommy had to go to the work place early and she left me all alone with That Daddy Guy. We had a pretty good time, though. I let him rub my belly, give me breakfast, and take me on a walk.

Today's Thanksgiving tip is probably the most important one of all.

Mister's Thanksgiving Tip #3: Practice "Puppy Dog Eyes"

Puppy Dog Eyes. They are the window to all things yummy. Perfect that look and there isn't a THING your people won't give you (except maybe chocolate. Or grapes. Or on
ions. Those are all bad for puppy dogs).

Bonus: Make sure you can spot the biggest sucker in the room. They're the ones most likely to give you yummy things. You might need to add in a really good "sit." This shows the people you're serious about wanting what they have.

Sometimes the direct approach works, too!

You bigger dogs may also want to employ the "head on a knee" look as well. It's a little hard for me, but you just give the human a great puppy dog eye look and then gently put your head on your sucker person's leg. It'll work. every. time.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mister's Guide to Thanksgiving (part 2)

Now that you've helped Mom get the house clean for Grandma, it's time for my next Thanksgiving Tip.
Mister's Thanksgiving Tip #2: Clean yourself.

I know, I know. This probably means a b-a-t-h for many of you. You feline friends are lucky. You clean yourselves! I do this some too, but lately my people have been sniffing me and saying, "Mister! You smell like DOG." To which I respond, "And you smell like Human. What's the problem?"

Your people (or person) will probably drag you to the groomer. Be super excited in the car. You never know. They could fake you out and take you to the bank! Or even better, Starbucks! When the car is parked and your human lets you out, keep being excited and explore everything. Go up to people and say hi. They love that.

When Mom opens the door, lock those legs! You get bonus points if you can do that AND back up. She'll say hi to the meanies and say good-bye, while the groomer does terrible things. Like get you wet. Blech. I hate water!

After fifty million thousand hours, the groomer will call your mom and say "Your baby is ready!" And then Mom comes to get you. Luckily, you've fooled the groomer with your charm and she tells your mom that you were so good and she just loves you. This will probably get you a treat when you come home. You will also smell funny. Don't worry. That goes away in a couple of days (about the time your people will start telling you you smell like dog again...huh. Weird).

On the plus side, you might get a spiffy bandana for your troubles.

Stop by tomorrow for Thanksgiving Tip #3: Practice Puppy Dog Eyes!

Adopt a Pet

Hi everyone! Mom found this while not typing on my blog, but wanted to share THIS. It's a series of commercials promoting adoption.

Remember, you might think a puppy or other pet might be a perfect gift for someone for Christmas. IT'S NOT!!! Even something small like a gerbil snack or fish requires commitment. Do not give a pet as a gift unless you have spoken to all involved and everyone is on board.

Mom hopes to get pictures loaded to the computer and get my next Thanksgiving tip up later today!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mister's Guide to Thanksgiving (part 1)

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been pretty quiet lately. Mom is my typist and she's been hogging the computer. Something about schoolwork. I wasn't really listening. I was just trying to get my belly rubbed.

Anyway, there is a very important holiday coming up this week. That holiday is called "Thanksgiving." It's my most favoritest holiday because it's all about my favoritest activity: eating! The humans cook up a huge meal, eat more than their tummies can hold, and then take long naps and watch football. Of course, everyone sneaks me some, too. Since it's such a smorgasbord for yummy things, I thought I'd pass along a few tips, so everyone is ready for it!

Tip #1 Clean the house

Thanksgiving means Grandma! And as any dog knows, Grandma = Mom cleaning like crazy. Last year, both my grandmas came to my house.

The humans at Thanksgiving last year (my Aunt Melanie was taking the picture). Don't be fooled by the date on the picture.

This year, my great-grandma (Dad's side) invited everyone to her house, even Mom's family! Isn't she great? Anyway, even though that's one less grandma here, the other one is staying with us, so Mom's got a long list of what to clean. Of course, I've been my usual helpful self.

"Mom, you missed a spot."

Up next: Tip #2: Clean yourself

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is a very important day. Today is Veterans Day. No, not the V-E-T Day. A veteran is someone who served in the military. These people keep our country safe so we can have warm beds and plenty of peanut butter. Mom is a little sad today, because a close friend of her family's died earlier this week. He was a veteran, serving in the Navy. Today is the funeral. She can't go, but Grandma and Grandpa are there. Mom's uncle is there, too. He is a veteran, too. He fought in Vietnam. If you find a veteran, make sure you give them a big sloppy kiss to say "Thank you."

Of course, there are also dog veterans. Dogs have very important jobs in the military. If you find one, let them sniff you just a little longer.

Also, today is a special day because all of the numbers are the same! 11-11-11. I don't know what all of that means, but Mom says it will never happen for another forty-billion hundred years.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Secret is Out

My daddy told a story on me today. Every morning, he lets me out of jail after he's done getting ready to go to that work place. I do my morning yoga poses and then roll over so Daddy can rub my belly. I have him trained well.

Today, when Daddy came home he told my mommy on me. He said that I particularly enjoyed my belly rub today and gave him a big smile. Mommy was still sleeping, so he couldn't take a picture, but here's me letting him rub on me after dinner.

I didn't like men people when I first came home, but this one's starting to grow on me. Just don't tell him that. I don't want him thinking he's suddenly in charge!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Whew! My second least favorite holiday is over. Mom wasn't too sure how I'd do with Halloween this year, since there's a lot more families in the neighborhood than last year. I barked and ran to the door, but never ran out the door, so she counts it successful.
The real reason I don't like Halloween is the stupid costumes. Last year, Mom dressed me up like BatDog

As You can tell, the legs were a little long. Since I couldn't walk, Mom just let me wear the cape part and I didn't mind that.

She made me be a football this year.

Mom said this was her Heisman pose. I don't know what a Heisman is, but I don't think I like it.

Anyway, I did have fun seeing the human puppies in their costumes.

Just don't punt, pass, kick, or fumble me.