Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day

Whew! Today has been very busy my friends! This weekend is a holiday here in the United States. It's Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a time we remember the soliders who fought and died to protect us. It's also the start to summer vacations, so people like to grill and play at the pool. I don't understand those weirdos getting into water WILLINGLY!

Speaking of water, I helped Mom and Dad wash Dad's car today. Sometimes they aimed the hose over me and let the water rain down to help keep me cool because it was H-O-T hot!

This is me supervising in the yard.

Dad doing the hard stuff. Mom did a little, too.

Mom took great care to fill up a water bowl for me and even put a couple of ice cubes in it. I ended up dumping most of it with my leash! Excuse Mom's finger. She's fired as a photographer.

Finally I decided the coolest place away from the water was under Mom's car.

Since the doors were open, I thought we were going somewhere, so I hopped right in! I was so disappointed when all we did was go back inside.

One more note about Memorial Day: Not only do we remember those who died, but those who fought and were hurt, either physically of emotionally. Mom has a friend from home who was hit with an IED while in Afghanistan or Iraq (she can't quite remember), and is still suffering from PTSD. Also, a friend of a friend was hurt just last week by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. 13 members of his group died and he has lots of broken bones. Be sure to check out The Wounded Warrior Project and see how you can help. We puppy dogs are often helpers for recovering soldiers!

I hope everyone has a good long weekend. I'll enjoy having my people home an extra day. I just hope we won't be a busy as we were today!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hi friends!
Sorry I've been gone awhile. Mommy's class is all about research which means she needs the computer a lot...That's what she says anyway. She's really on Facebook when she should be researching. I should put her in time out!

Anyway, I've been playing a fun game with my people lately. It's called "Don't Go In the Crate" and it's very simple to play. Don't go in the crate! No matter what they put in it, I just sit and look at it. It started when I got a new medication, but Mom and Dad started giving me breakfast and dinner in the crate and made a few other changes and I went in fine. Now, I don't even go when it's bed time.  What do you think, friends? Any suggestions?

I had a fun adventure yesterday and didn't even have to leave my house! Well, the first part wasn't fun, where Mom and Dad left me all alone to eat. They know I love food and I still wasn't invited. Some friends were in town for the day, so Mom and Dad met them to show off Dad's office, ate, and came home. Mom had to go straight to work, but I only looked for her a little. I was much more interested in the visitors!  Dad was very proud I let them rub on me, even the boy! I even offered up my belly to rub and he knew exactly what to do. I should be a human trainer, except they're so easy to train!

I've also been helping my mommy out in the yard:

 And mommy did this:

 And I didn't chase this:

But only because I was in my crate when the Easter bunny popped by.

P.S. I've noticed I have some new followers! Welcome! I'm glad to meet you and hope to see you again.

Monday, May 7, 2012


This was the WORST weekend ever (see Grandma? I do have those). This weekend, my people took me to Ms. Lisa's play place, except they didn't pick me up after work! I had to stay there ALL weekend. It was terrible! Only not really. I got to go outside and I sniffed other doggies, but I wasn't home on my couch like I belong. 

Mom said they had to board me because they were going to Alabama for her high school reunion and I wouldn't have fun. I'm a ton of fun at reunions! See?
Me at Mom's family reunion

Mom can't find the good picture of Dad's family reunion I went to, but I had just as much fun!

Mom still doesn't believe I would have liked it though, since people brought their little human puppies that don't understand when I'm done being petted. That part was only like...a little while. I was boarded for way longer! Will someone come knock some sense into her? At least next time, they should spring for the luxury room with a TV and webcam. That will help me not be bored while I'm boarded...haha! Get it? Plus, Mom can check in on me and stop bugging the nice office people.