Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mister Meets The Thing

Hi friends!
This was the best weekend ever! Well, mostly, but I'll get to all that. Anyway, this weekend, I got to go to one of my favoritest places: Grandma's house! I love Grandma's because she stuffs me full of treats and Mommy can't do anything about it. Yay!  Mom and Dad went on a date thing Friday night, so we left after my W-A-L-K on Saturday morning. We relaxed and watched football and Mom and I napped. That evening, I got a very special treat--I rode with Grandma and Grand-paw to pick up dinner...without my mommy or daddy! This is a very big deal for me since Mommy is my favoritest person ever and I don't like being away from her. But I was a very good boy and waited patiently with Grandma while Grandpa went inside to pick up dinner. I even gave Grandma kisses! That made her night.

Since I was at Grandma's, I didn't have to sleep in my crate and my people let me sleep in the big bed with them. Half-way through the night, we got up and went to a new bed though because there were some very naughty puppy dogs outside barking too much for the people to sleep. Mom and Dad were very glad I'm not reactive to barks. Anyway, we got a little more sleep and after breakfast, The Thing came over with my Uncle Ryan. The Thing is what I call Uncle Ryan's dog, Walter. He's a puppy puppy and has Skittles inside his head instead of a brain, so he's crazy. He had never even met a kitty cat before and couldn't understand why the ones on Grandma's porch didn't want to play. Mom says I have to teach him how to be calm and collected and pee with your leg up. I have my work cut out for me.

 This is me saying hi to Walter. I did not like him trying to play with me and told him so more than once, but he didn't get it. So the people brought us outside and we were much better.

This is Walt, Uncle Ryan, and me. Mom was very impressed that I let Uncle Ryan pet on me. I used to hate him more than I hated my daddy, but he wouldn't let Walter jump on me either, so I guess I'll keep him. Uncle Ryan that is. Walter can stay home from now on for all I care.

The worst part of the weekend was when I got left with The Thing for TWO WHOLE HOURS while everyone went to lunch. I stayed in my crate and The Thing was fenced in Uncle Ryan's room. I did not like that at all. But, when they were done eating, I got a very special treat--my great grandma and great grandpaw! Hooray! They feed me even more than Grandma! I let them love on me, too, so I guess I forgive everyone for not taking me to lunch. I am home now, back on my rightful place on the couch. Mom says this will be a very busy week. I don't know what that means, but she says I may be quiet on Twitter and everyone's blogs. Boo. I need to grow some thumbs, so I can take care of all that myself. Can I write my state representative about that?

Anyway, that's why this was the best weekend ever!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cold Snuggles and Adventures

Hi friends!
Today was the best day ever! This morning was very cold. Not quite as cold as tonight is supposed to be, but still cold. When my people woke up, they let me out of jail and let me snuggle with them in bed.

This picture isn't very good, but I'm snuggled closely between Dad and Mom. They loved on me and loved on me and I loved every bit of it. Especially burrowing under the pillows and on Dad's armpit. That made him giggle!

I snuggled a little more with Mom.

But then they both got up. I laid there for a minute, but then got curious.

Then we went on an adventure! I love car rides so much. They always take me somewhere exciting. This car ride took us to the grocery store. The people decided to make chili for dinner and needed some ingredients. Mom waited with me in the car while Dad shopped. Waiting is so exciting. There's so many things to see and hear.

When Dad came back, we went to Waffle House! Yummy! Except the people didn't get me anything :( Boo.

After we came home and ate, we went on a W-A-L-K and I got to lead. I took my people all over the neighborhood. Then I got to lay on the couch a lot. The only bad part was when Mommy left me to play with Molly's mom, but Dad was still here, so it was OK.

Speaking of Molly, send her some get well wishes. She has an ouchie paw and isn't allowed to go on long walks for a while.

But that's still why today was the best day ever!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adventures at Waveland

Hi friends!
I have had the best weekend ever! First, it's football season, so that means my people lie on the couch all day and watch football. I watch through my eyelids. BOL! Yesterday morning, my people made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I love cinnamon rolls because they let me lick some of the icing! YUMMY! Here's a tutorial on how to get your very own icing:
"Hey, Dad, I like icing."

"If I stand on your foot, you'll know I'm here."

"Will sit for icing."


Hang on to the cabinet for support.

Don't take it away!

I almost got in trouble that morning though. Before I got to lick the knife, Dad let me lick the lid of the icing. He made the mistake of letting the lid go, so I took off running with it! And then I wouldn't give it back! I tried to eat the lid, but my people finally wrestled it away. I wasn't happy.

But eventually I forgave them and cuddled on my daddy's shoulder.

 Then today, we went on a great adventure! First we took a car ride and then the car stopped, we were at this place called "Waveland Museum." I'm not sure what that is, but they had lots of trees and smells and a trail to walk on. That's what we did. When I first heard the name, I got really scared that I was going to get wet, but I stayed dry the whole time. Whew!

I watched a pretty lady get her bridal pictures taken.

"Here we go, Dad!"

Me and my daddy. That's "Waveland" behind us...and the bride again.

Me and my mommy

That's why this was the best weekend ever!

Monday, September 3, 2012


This was the best weekend ever! This weekend was Labor Day. I'm not sure what that means, but Mom and Dad got to stay home all day today, so I like it!  It also means it's time for Mom's family's annual reunion. My love for reunions has been well documented (reunions = suckers people to give me food).  This one was special though because I not only crawled in Grandma's lap and gave her kisses, but I snuggled up to Grand-paw and let him pet me. That's a big deal for me.

Here's me letting Grandma rub my ears

Mom was most proud of me for playing nice with the human puppies. As good as I am for new puppies, I don't always like ones that have been around longer. Once they start walking upright, it's all downhill. Only one was young enough to not know better and I was nice. I didn't really like when he chased me, but then we decided to run next to each other and that was not bad.

This is my grand-paw (Mom's dad), Mom's uncle Andy, and Mom's aunt Peggy. The chairs they're sitting in are now mine, well, Mom's, but they're in my house, so they're mine. And no, they are not for pee-mail! They belonged to Mom's great-grandma, so they're kind of special.  There's a picture they recreated with the chairs, too, but Mom decided to spare you that one :)

The one bad part about the weekend was that Mom's Tigers and Dad's (wild)Cats lost their football games. And by "football", I mean football. Not that soccer game you friends across the pond call football.

The other one bad part about the weekend was the hurricane we drove through to get home. That's right! A real, live hurricane! Mom said it's just the remnants of Hurricane Isaac that hit my pal Tiny's house and wasn't a hurricane anymore. Whatever Mom. You don't know. Luckily, there was no thunder. Only rain. And all the rain meant Grandma and Grandpaw stayed at my house an extra night! Yay!