Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday was the greatest day ever! So great that Mom and Dad forgot to take pictures. Oops! So I'll just have to tell you about it and you'll have to trust that it was the greatest day ever.
It started out like any other Saturday. Mom and Dad woke up and let me out. I played some with my bone and ate breakfast. Then things got interesting. Mom and Dad always debate what they're going to eat for breakfast. Why they can't just eat my food, I don't know. I'd share. Maybe.
Anyway, then we got in the car and went to the V-E-T. Mom left me the car though. That was weird. So Dad and I passed time watching all of the puppy dogs going inside. There were big ones and little ones and happy ones and scared ones. I watched them all in between watching for my mommy. She finally came back with more of my medicine.
Then we were off on a breakfast adventure. I didn't get a vote since I had already eaten. Usually we just go through a drive-thru, but we went some place special. Mommy disappeared inside, but I didn't really notice because there were other dogs to say hi to. Mom came back and Daddy disappeared inside. This time, he came back with FOOD! Mom and Dad ate and I tried to charm some people at the next table into giving me some of theirs (didn't work).
When they finished, we went for a walk around the block! I love walks so much. I peed a lot and sniffed even more.
GUESS WHAT! The adventures weren't over! On the way home, we stopped at a store just for puppy dogs! Mom and Dad were looking for something I might chew that didn't disappear as quickly as my bone. We didn't find anything, but I met another puppy dog. She was a little scared, so I didn't get to say hi very long.
Since we didn't find anything there, we went to the place I met my mom and dad, since that's where my bones come from. It was really busy, but we got to catch up and they were really happy to see me (who isn't?).
When we finally got home, I took a really long nap. Mom put me in my crate and she had to leave for a little while (I didn't like that). When she got back, we went on a long walk.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

Today is Father's Day. I have to admit something. I haven't always liked my daddy. When they first came to visit me at the shelter, I plopped myself in his lap, but once they got me home I didn't really like him. Since I'm a little old (by puppy dog standards), Mom and Dad say I had a life before them and that they think I was not treated well by a man and that makes them sad since I'm so cute.

But, I kinda like that Daddy-guy. Mommy's still my favorite, but I let Dad pet me and give me belly rubs. I let him put on my collar and harness when get ready to go on a W-A-L-K (I used to jump away when he'd try to put the harness on). I really like when he sneaks me food when he thinks Mommy isn't looking. All-in-all, I'm really glad my mommy AND daddy found me. I'm glad Daddy had the patience to put up with me those first few months (and patience isn't really his THING either).

We had a pretty great Father's Day. It started off stormy and since I don't like thunder and Mom and Dad weren't ready to get out of bed, they actually let me up in the big bed! I NEVER get to go there. We snuggled and I liked it. When the rain finally let up, we went for a W-A-L-K and I liked that, too. I had to spend some time in my crate so I wouldn't get any funny ideas when Mommy went to work this week; I didn't like that, but I was good and got to go on another W-A-L-K a little while after and liked that. I didn't do a whole lot special for Dad, but my mommy helped me make a card for him. I'll try to remind her to take a picture of it this week to show you.

Until then, here's a picture of me and my daddy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't Worry. I'm Here

Sorry for the long silence everyone. Mommy is going back to school, so she has to type other stuff besides my blog :( I'd hike my leg on that if I wouldn't get in a lot of trouble!
Summer is in full swing around here. I like summer, except it's hot and that means lots of loud yard machines. If people would just keep their yard machines inside where they belong, I would offer my services to keeping yards neat and trim. I love snacking on grass!
It was really hot at home last week. Mom said the temperatures now are more around normal, so to celebrate, she and Dad had a cook-out.

I'm really happy about the cook-out

"You gonna eat all that?"

I've been having fun smelling all the smells in the yard while Mom and Dad hang out. Unless there's food. Then I stare them both down until they give me some. Persistence pays off!