Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kitty Sitting

Oh no pals!

I have forgotten to tell you about all of my best weekends ever in May! *gentle dog kisses on the nose* That makes up for it right? *Big sad puppy eyes here* OK good!  This has been a great month! I got to go visit Grandma and GreatGrandma. They fed me lots, of course. And I got to baby-sit some cats. Grandma's neighborhood has lots of feral cats running around which means lots of kittens. When an almost momma cat comes around, Grandma gets it and finds homes for the kittens (when they're ready, of course) and then she calls the free spay and neuter place to try to slow the problem. Until the kittens go home though, they need me to watch them!

Last weekend though was definitely the best weekend ever! It was a long weekend, which means the people got an extra day at home instead of going to the work place!  On Saturday, we went to Bark in the Park. This is when my local minor-league baseball team lets us puppy dogs enjoy baseball! We went last year, but there was another promotion happening, so the crowd was big and we didn't have as much fun. This year, us dogs were the main attraction and we had a blast!  One of mom's students even sang the national anthem. We happened upon them before they sang and she was so excited to meet me. I found a fry on the ground, so I wasn't as interested in her.

The team has their own puppy delivery dog, Jake the Diamond Dog. He was a very good boy and didn't pee or get distracted once while giving umpires baseballs and water. Mom says that's why I can't be a diamond dog.

Me and Dad

Watching warm-ups

Mom's student is in there somewhere. They're still working on getting situated

Me. And my photobombing friend

Now they're ready!

Making friends, His mom gave me peanuts!

What's down here?

Family picture

Otherwise we laid around and napped all weekend and took really long W-A-L-Ks and I loved that.

 I also discovered I'm going to be a...cousin? Brother? Uncle? A momma birdie has moved in by our house and she's going to have birdie puppies! There are three eggs in her nest. Mom is very quiet and careful when she goes to toss my bags in the trash so she doesn't scare the momma. Momma Bird has finally gotten used to my mommy, so she doesn't fly away easily. I'm excited to take care of them!