Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coffee, Grandmas, and BARKBOX

Hi pals!

So my amazingly awesome weekend. It started on Friday when no one's alarms woke us up. That's when I knew that day was going to be special. Once finally did wake up, we had family snuggle time in the big bed. I love the big bed so much. Why I'm not allowed up every night I'll never know.

After snuggles, we were off adventuring! There is a coffee shop near Dad's work place that lets puppy dogs come in! They even keep treats behind the counter for us. Another puppy dog was already there when I came in and she (he? I didn't get a good look) REALLY wanted to meet me and I like to play hard to get, so his (her?) person had to take her (him?) outside. We both still got treats though. My people had stopped at the drive-thru on the way since this place doesn't really have anything for breakfast. The weather was nice enough for them to enjoy food and coffee outside. I even got a few pieces...of course. Unfortunately Mom forgot her phone in Dad's car, so no pictures of that part.

After breakfast, we went for a walk downtown. All of the smells were so smellful! I had to sniff every single one. And then pee on them. I was kinda tired by the time we made it all the way back to the car!

Courthouse smells are the best!

And no one could make me not add my own smells!

When we finally got home, Mom gave me the best news ever: Grandma and Grandpaw were coming to visit! Hooray! They brought that Emma thing with them. But I played nice with her and Grandma brought me treats.

Grandpaw and Dad and Mom worked on some projects outside and while they were working, I got a package! My BarkBox arrived! My Twitter pals have been raving about them, so I finally convinced Mom to get me one. It is AMAZING!!!!!! I'm now trying to talk Mom into a full subscription, but so far she's being cheap. I'll do another post on all the awesome things inside.


On Saturday, Dad made everyone pancakes, so of course he made me and Emma extras. He wouldn't do my usual plate since he wasn't sure if Emma was allowed or not. I made the sacrifice though. Pretty sure that bought me extras later!

Me and Emma. No we're not actually related even though she looks (and acts) like my little sister.

After breakfast, I got another great surprise! My other grandma and grandpaw were coming! And they were bringing Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpaw! And no other puppy dogs! They meant to come in to celebrate Mom's and Uncle R's birthdays, but no one had free weekends. Everyone went out to lunch and left me and Emma all alone. I didn't like that. But Grandmas gave me treats, so it's OK.

Then Sunday was Easter and you've already read about what I got to do!

And that's why this was the most amazingly epically awesome weekend ever!

P.S. Keep up the prayers for Ms. Sandi. She finished her first week of chemo and it was hard on everyone, especially her. But her counts are good. I don't know what that means, but Mom says it's good!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hi friends!

OMD! This has been the most amazingly, epically, awesomest week ever! I will fill you in on everything this week, but for now enjoy this video since today is Easter.

Easter is a human holiday that celebrates the day baby Jesus brought chicken eggs to a bunny and the bunny hid them so we eat ham. Or something like that.  Anyway, humans like to hide eggs and make their kids find them...seems like they could save a lot of time and just not do that. Mom decided I needed to have an Easter egg hunt, but didn't want to use eggs. So she made a trail with treats (which you can't see in the video since they blend in with the carpet) that led to a big treat from the Easter bunny. I watched that guy all morning and he never left me a big blue treats. Only little brown ones.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Hi pals!

If you follow me on Twitter (@mrappgate), you may have seen me use #TeamSandi a lot lately. Otis (@PuggleOtis)...my Twitter pal, not the one on my block that tries to eat me...lives in Michigan and his mom is Ms. Sandi. She recently got diagnosed with the stupid C (adrenal cancer).

Several of my other Twitter pals also follow Otis, so we decided to do something to make Otis and Ms. Sandi feel better! We like to tweet funny things and use #TeamSandi to make them smile. Then, Murph (@Murph_the_Mutt)'s mom got a great idea to have t-shirts made! Then we could post pictures and really make Ms. Sandi smile. The best part is the humans kept it a total surprise!

In addition to the humans getting shirts, they also arranged for us puppy dogs to get shirts. We've also been having fun making green wigs, since green is the color for Ms. Sandi's cancer and she recently got a wig for when she starts chemo.

My green wig. Good thing it's not real!

We just hope to lift her spirits and let her know she is very loved. Otis has the nursing thing down pat. Our t-shirts are so awesome, they've even gotten celebrity approval (check out @CarsonthePuggle).

Well, Mom made me do a photoshoot today with our shirts. And I asked Otis if it was OK to post the story and he said "Oh yes!"

Mom took a selfie. I'm a little embarrassed for her. But her phone matches the ribbon!

Mom and I in our #TeamSandi shirts

Mom made me wear her shirt. I'm so embarrassed.

I went walking with my pal, Molly, and her mom. My mom was telling her about #TeamSandi, so Chel snapped this picture. Mom's a little windblown, but word's getting around the country!

After walking, I was tired and parrot-napped on Mom

Ms. Sandi starts her chemo treatments today, so please keep her and the family in your thoughts and prayers. And swing by @PuggleOtis and leave him some love!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hi friends!

This has been a very interesting week. And it's only Wednesday!

Monday was a little sad. Daddy's Kentucky Wild(kitty)cats lost their big game. They played very hard though and everyone was very proud of them. Lots of people went to greet them at the airport and people stood along the route from the airport to Rupp Arena waving and cheering and lots more people were inside. We hope that made them feel better. My people couldn't join the festivities because of that work place, but Mommy saw the people waiting for bus parade. They made her happy. 

Yesterday a man came to my door and brought me a new door...Wait...huh? Mom and Dad said it's a "storm door" and now I can lay in sun puddles and watch other puppy dogs as they walk by like all the other dogs watch me. Except they don't watch--they bark. Mom and Dad wouldn't like that. So I'll just lay on the couch, thanks.

Finally, it's beginning to feel like spring! Mom keeps meaning to do stuff in the yard and then doesn't. That doesn't stop me from enjoying my back yard though!

Ahh! Spring! I've been waiting for you!

Mom did do a little yard work one day. It's exhausting helping. But I can work on my tan!