Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lakes and Grandma's House

Hi friends!

I had the BEST weekend EVER! On Friday, my mommy took me to Ms. Lisa's play place for day care. Something about IKEA and Containers and hot puppy dogs so I had to go there. I had lots of fun though. I came home with muddy legs, so I had to get a leg bath. I didn't like that, but I didn't shake the whole time. Mom counts that as a win.

On Saturday, we laid around the house for a while and then we went to Grandma's house! It's my favorite place. The Thing came too, unfortunately. But we actually almost had fun and I didn't have to growl at him. He's almost learning his place in the pack. He's a little dense though.

Waiting on Grandpa to come back with dinner

Really, the best day was Sunday. We went to the drive-thru! It's my favorite place. Then, we went to a lake for morning walk. The humans ate breakfast and then we walked the trail around. It was long and a little hot, but The Thing and I loved it! We actually almost ran The Thing's batteries out.

This way, The Thing

Following some geese

Mom quacked at them. She's so embarrassing

Ducky family!

After walks we came back to Grandma's and waited until time to go to Great-Grandma's! That's my favorite place.  Everyone ate lunch and I begged a lot and was rewarded with mashed potatoes. We watched some soccer and came home. I can't ask for any more from a weekend.

The Thing and I aren't dumb...well, I'm not. The Thing just followed my lead. We know the best begging spot is between grandmas!

Mashed potatoes for my trouble

Sunday was Father's Day, so I decided to let my dad love on me.

I almost fell asleep watching soccer.

Monday night, we watched the USA play Ghana in soccer. It's not like the other football my people watch where Mom AND Dad yell at the TV. Only Dad gets loud. And he got loud a few times, so I had to check on him. Then, I noticed he had french fries, so I decided I needed some.

Are those french fries I see?

Hey Dad, do you need help cheering? Or perhaps eating?

By the way, the USA won their soccer football game! Yay!

That's why it was the best weekend ever!

Monday, June 9, 2014


Hi friends,

Well, it looks like I'm not going to be a cousin-brother-uncle after all. Apparently mama and daddy robin decided to move closer to family because Mama's no longer on her nest and we haven't seen her in over a week. Funny thing is they seem to have forgotten an egg. There were three...now there's one and Mom never saw baby birds. And none of the eggs are on the ground either.

Nest a couple of weeks ago

Nest today