Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hi friends!
Sorry I've been gone awhile. Mommy's class is all about research which means she needs the computer a lot...That's what she says anyway. She's really on Facebook when she should be researching. I should put her in time out!

Anyway, I've been playing a fun game with my people lately. It's called "Don't Go In the Crate" and it's very simple to play. Don't go in the crate! No matter what they put in it, I just sit and look at it. It started when I got a new medication, but Mom and Dad started giving me breakfast and dinner in the crate and made a few other changes and I went in fine. Now, I don't even go when it's bed time.  What do you think, friends? Any suggestions?

I had a fun adventure yesterday and didn't even have to leave my house! Well, the first part wasn't fun, where Mom and Dad left me all alone to eat. They know I love food and I still wasn't invited. Some friends were in town for the day, so Mom and Dad met them to show off Dad's office, ate, and came home. Mom had to go straight to work, but I only looked for her a little. I was much more interested in the visitors!  Dad was very proud I let them rub on me, even the boy! I even offered up my belly to rub and he knew exactly what to do. I should be a human trainer, except they're so easy to train!

I've also been helping my mommy out in the yard:

 And mommy did this:

 And I didn't chase this:

But only because I was in my crate when the Easter bunny popped by.

P.S. I've noticed I have some new followers! Welcome! I'm glad to meet you and hope to see you again.


  1. If you get trapped in the crate/jail, scream and make monkey and baby noises. They open the door immediately
    Benny & Lily

  2. Miisssster. . . Your Mommy and Daddy want what's best for you. The new medicine may be making you act goofy. Once you get used to having it, maybe things will get better. Do you think you may be ready to stay out of the crate? I like the work your mom did and how you helped her.

  3. We shall call you the "Human Whisperer"! I am with the Frenchies, throw a fit in the crate, the humans can't take that for long and will let you right out. I personally pug scream because Mom is always afraid someone is going to call the police again to report a domestic dispute at our house over my screaming.

  4. Crate is prison , plant bottom down and act like a mule , refuse to move. Oh the bunny , how I would love to chase bunny!
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I usually only bark from jail. Mom thinks she just hasn't done a good job leaving me for short times. Before, I would eventually follow my food into my crate, but now I want absolutely nothing to do with anything near jail. I'll let Mom put me in, but she wants it to be my idea. And Grandma, Mom tried leaving me out for an errand a couple of weeks to ago and instead of just barking, I paced and barked, so no real improvement.

  6. Ciao Mister, I am Cosimo and i live in Italy!! Your blog is really funny and most of all it's funny to see how dog's life is the same all over the world!!! yes, we poor dogs have really a hard life training our mum and dad to do what WE want
    Now that I have discovered you I'll join your site and follow your adventures!!
    Ciao from Cosimo!!

    P.S. sorry for my mistakes, but since i come from Italy, my english is not that perfect!!!!

  7. Wow! I've never met anyone from Italy! Thank you for reading. I have lots of adventures trying to train my people. They are stubborn sometimes. My mom and I will check out your site, since her browser will translate for us (Mom only knows a few phrases in Spanish and only words in French and Danish). Maybe you can teach us some Italian! Mom would love to visit there one day.

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