Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sickies and Parties

Hi friends!
Mom already told you about my yuckiness. It was no fun, let me tell you! I had to go to the V-E-T and I had to go to the back exam rooms. Nothing good EVER happens in those back rooms. The V-E-T tech said they had a 100 pound lab lock his legs just like me and had to be carried back there. Smart dog. Unfortunately I'm small enough that Mom could just drag me across the floor. Boo.

I had to have a thermometer AND a stick my you-know-where, just like me check-up and I did NOT like that. Then I got shot and he gave my mom two bottles of pills. Luckily, the shot seemed to fix me up pretty quickly, since I didn't have any issues while Mom had to go to work that afternoon. It still took a couple of days for my poops to get to normal and Mom thinks they're still not quite right, but they're at least pick-up-able, which is all she really cares about. She says she'll see how I'm doing once I finish all my pills and see if I have to go back. I hope not!

Either way, thank you for the well-wishes and concern. Grandma offered to come stay with me on Thursday when she and Grandpa were on their way home from vacation, but Mom didn't think I needed them to.

So this has been one of the worst weeks ever, but the weekend was pretty good. Daddy's been sick (not with the same thing), so we've just been hanging out. People came over yesterday for a Halloween party and I showed off my Halloween costume and got pretzels and belly rubs and gave out snuggles. The only bad part has been Mom's been doing a terrible job of staying on the couch where she belongs. Someone needs to knock sense into her!


  1. Aw, hope everyone is back on their feet in no time! Sounds like the belly rubs from the party today made up for the thermometer being stuck in-I-won't-say-where!!

  2. Our paws are crossed that your sicky is gone and you are better. Take it easy. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly