Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hi friends!

I have lots to catch up on, so hang on! This has been the best and worst time ever.

Worst: Dad got the flu
Best: He snuggled with me while Mom was at that work place

Worst: Mom did get a cold and had a hard time getting better
Best: That meant she snuggled with me lots on the couch

Worst: It keeps snowing
Best: I'm getting REALLY good at writing my name in the snow!

 I can write my name like I do in cards....

Or in a more "traditional" sense. Totally looks like "Mister," right?

Sometimes I feel like someone's watching me while I'm on a W-A-L-K

Worst: The Thing has moved back to town
Best: He's finally out of MY house and in his own place!

I helped The Thing move by eating his snack

He didn't notice

We both watched for our daddies to come through the door

And I always come when called!

Yes, friends. Mom and Dad started off the year sick and Mom is finally healthy after a whole month! She was very excited the first weekend she didn't go to the walk-in clinic. She was sick again 2 days later! BOL!

Then, Uncle R and The Thing came and stayed a whole entire week. It actually wasn't too awful. I was glad to have someone home while Mom and Dad were at the work place. And The Thing didn't bother me too much to play. I did have to bark at him sometimes when he got too rowdy. I'm kinda the fun police like that.  The Thing now has an apartment in town with Uncle R, so that's nice for Grandma. But she better not give him any of my treats!

While The Thing was here, I gave him begging lessons

Then you make with the sad eyes...

You don't see anything, Mom.

Finally, it's been very cold and snowy and I really hate it. The ice and snow doesn't feel good on my paws and since my mom is lazy forgot hasn't bought me booties yet, I have to find cleared sections to walk on. Even if that's in the road! Luckily the schools have all been out, so traffic hasn't been bad.

Mom calls this my "Coke nose." All I know is my nose is super cold now!

And even though he brought The Thing with him, I'm kinda glad to have Uncle R back. He gives AMAZING butt scratches!


  1. We hope both mum and dad are better now and that the snow has passed and you can enjoy being out and about again. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Sounds like it really has been busy for you lately! Good of you to snuggle with mom and dad when they were feeling a bit under the weather. Happy Wordless Wednesday! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  3. Whoa, Mister...you have been a busy doggie! I am so glad that your mom and dad are feeling better. Colds are the worst but maybe not as worst as snow! I hope it warms up for you soon, pal (or that your mom at least buys you some booties)! LOVE how you pee'd your name into the snow!
    *high paws*