Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hi friends!

This has been a very interesting week. And it's only Wednesday!

Monday was a little sad. Daddy's Kentucky Wild(kitty)cats lost their big game. They played very hard though and everyone was very proud of them. Lots of people went to greet them at the airport and people stood along the route from the airport to Rupp Arena waving and cheering and lots more people were inside. We hope that made them feel better. My people couldn't join the festivities because of that work place, but Mommy saw the people waiting for bus parade. They made her happy. 

Yesterday a man came to my door and brought me a new door...Wait...huh? Mom and Dad said it's a "storm door" and now I can lay in sun puddles and watch other puppy dogs as they walk by like all the other dogs watch me. Except they don't watch--they bark. Mom and Dad wouldn't like that. So I'll just lay on the couch, thanks.

Finally, it's beginning to feel like spring! Mom keeps meaning to do stuff in the yard and then doesn't. That doesn't stop me from enjoying my back yard though!

Ahh! Spring! I've been waiting for you!

Mom did do a little yard work one day. It's exhausting helping. But I can work on my tan!


  1. Yea Spring has spring and you enjoy soaking up those rays.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Those storm doors do let those sun puddles in thank goodness
    Lily & Edward