Friday, August 15, 2014


Hi friends!

Last week...well, actually more like two weeks ago, Mom asked me if I'd like to go adventuring with her and go on a really long car ride just the two of us. I heard "car ride" and said, "Oh yes, Mommy! I'd love to go!" After hours and hours of driving, we arrived at the Land of a hundred billionty 79 trees. The humans call this place "Canada" and not only are there that many trees, but they have tons of squirrels and chipmunks and birds, so I was very busy with Emma on patrol. Oh yeah, Grandma and Grandpaw were there with Emma. Grandma snuck me pieces of her cookies, but SH! Don't tell Mom!  Instead of telling you about all my adventures, I'll just show them to you:

Life is a highway! And that makes me sleepy


Squirrel duty

Emma made me play Follow the Leader a lot. I let her pretend she was leader.



Emma and me


Fresh air

A bald eagle even came to visit!

Some friends of ours are building a new house on their property!

The beach

Walking on the beach

*&#@! squirrels!

On duty. We only got into one fight. Mom thinks Emma didn't like me patrolling her area, but since I went into her crate several times looking for hidden chew sticks and she didn't do anything, so Mom, Grandma, and Grandpaw count that as a win.

A dog's work is never done!

Mom and me

Setting sun

This is what happens when we went off-duty for a walk. Squirrels tried very hard to get into the peanut container!

Grandma gave me chew sticks

And I helped Grandpaw with projects

Do you need help Grandma? Or perhaps that is food you'd like to share?


You gonna eat all that, Grandpaw?

Mom testing me and Emma. She finally gave us a little bit.

Who needs a fancy GPS when you have me as navigator?

Smells! And guess what? Mom let me go off leash for this one! I played a great game of run ahead back to the cabin even though Mom told me to sit and stay. She didn't think my game was great.

On the way home, we stopped in Mackinaw City to explore a park. It was pretty great because there were goose poop smells. This is me and the bridge. Mom really hates driving over it, but thinks it's very pretty on solid ground.

Vacations are fun, but as you can tell, I was exhausted when we came home! But that's why it was the best vacation ever!

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  1. Wow what a trip to the land of big trees and vermin. OMD we would have so loved to have joined you on sqiggle patrol. All in all it looked like a wonderful trip and glad there were not too many arguments.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly