Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

This has been the greatest weekend ever!
It all started on Friday when Mommy came home from that work place early. Her student was out of school, so he came for tutoring early. At first though I didn't think that was great because Mommy got the carpet monster out. But then she told me a secret: Grandma and Grand"paw" were coming to visit! They live thirty-leven miles away, so we don't see them very often. They would be here after one more night sleep.

After the night sleep, I had lots of day sleeps while my people watched football. Mom says we're a "house divided" because she's an Auburn fan and That Daddy Guy cheers for UK.

I like both teams because both of the mascots are of the feline variety. I love kitty cats!

While we were watching football, I snuggled with my dad. Both cat teams won, but neither of my people were very happy with the way the teams played.

Grandma and Grand-paw finally got here and I was very happy! I even came to Grandma to be petted. This is a pretty new development and my people are very proud of me. When I first came home with my people, I only wanted Mom and would run from anyone else. I'm learning that people are nice.

The next day, everyone had a special surprise: we were going on a trip! Not nearly as long as the one we went on earlier in the summer, where we stayed at a hotel, but it was still a lot of riding. I didn't mind since Grandma petted me the whole way.

We went to Mom's aunt's house in Ohio. Every year they have a party for Labor Day (I'm not sure what "labor" is. Mom says it means work. Again, not sure what that is). We missed last year because Grandma was sick and Mom wanted to take care of her instead, so this was my first trip!

"Hey Aunt Peggy, can I have some?"

It started to rain , but that didn't stop our fearless cooks!

"Hey Denny, I'm allowed to have some."

"See? I'm sitting!"

We had a lot of fun. The people weren't sure who would be there. Sometimes there's other puppy dogs, sometimes there's lots of kids. I was the only puppy dog, so I had sole responsibility of begging. It's a job I take seriously and I'm very good at. There were a few kids there, but not a lot. I don't really care for kids when they try to pet me, but I loved these when they'd drop crackers for me (Mom thinks they did it a little on purpose. I'm not complaining). Sometimes they did things I didn't like, but Mom was very proud that I didn't do anything mean back to them.

Either way, I got good puppy dog points and everyone loved me (except one person, but she doesn't like any dog, so I didn't take it personally).

We finally got home, Grandma and Grand-paw left for their house, and we all took naps. Being good and begging is hard work! But I took my rightful place at the top of the pillow mountain!

The best part of the weekend though was that both of my people were home today! It was rainy, so we don't get to do anything outside, but it's cooling down and we're all happy about that.

I hope everyone else's weekends were as special as mine!


  1. it sure looks like a great weekend despite the rain
    Benny & Lily

  2. Aw glad you all had a fun weekend. You are much braver than Sookie and Mr Darcy, if kids come to visit they run and hide under the bed until they're gone!! =^..^=

  3. wow. it sure does look like your family knows how to celebrate labor day =)