Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Cards

Hi friends!

This year, my mom signed me up for a Christmas card exchange.  She knew several of my Blogville friends would participate and it sounded like fun. Whoo doggies did I get a lot of cards!

Here's one from one of my faves, Benny and Lily

And from my favorite walking buddy, Molly

And from my pal, Oskar (Oskar's mom person also blogs here)

The final card count for me was 41 (not including the many e-cards I received). I even got one all the way from the Philippines! I've never been there, but Mom says it's far away. And we would have to cross an ocean, which would be a problem since I don't swim or like water.

The best part of Christmas cards is that my people only got 23! BOL! We had a lot more around the house, but Mom and Dad both got lots of cards from people at their work places, so those didn't count either.

I'm really glad to have so many pals around the country and around the world take the time to send me cards. Of course, I (hopefully) sent everyone on the list a card, too. I had to send e-cards to most of my pals overseas because Mom said postage was breaking us. Um, Mom, I'm still one whole Mister, so I don't think we're broken. People are weird.

On one of the trips to the mailbox, I had a very special package from my Twitter pal, Tiny. His family lives in Louisiana, so the snow card made my mom giggle a little. Maybe I should send him some of our snow. Anyway, I'm also very thankful for my frame and treats and can't wait for Mom to print a picture for the frame!

Mom has started taking down all of the Christmas decorations, which makes me sad...Mostly because that means she's not sitting on the couch where she belongs and I have to get up and supervise. But that also means it's almost a new year. I'm working on my list of resolutions and will share those hopefully tomorrow.


  1. Can't wait to read your News Years resolutions. Have a super Sunday too.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I love Christmas cards too! I got more than Ma and Daddy-dog this year. That was a first for me!

    I can't wait to see your New Years Resolutions!