Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Recap

Hi friends!

Sorry it's been so long. Mom got very busy with work and Christmas, plus I didn't have much going on. But now it's the day after Christmas and let's just say best. Weekend. EVER!!!!!  We celebrate 2 Christmases, one with Mom's family and one with Dad's. This year, we celebrated first with Mom's side and spent "calendar Christmas" with Dad's family. We left after Dad got home from that work place to go to Tennessee. We got in late, but Grandma was very happy to see me.  She even baked me treats like she brought for Thanksgiving. I'm kind of talking her into getting a dog. I'm not sure how I'll feel about another dog stealing my grandma though. I have enough of that with The Thing.  But her kitty cats like me and I don't pay much attention to them, so she's thinking about it. Grandpaw was happy to see me too. I even let him take me on a W-A-L-K one evening, just us. Usually I look and look for Mom, but not this time!

Waiting for Santa Paws

Anyway, Santa Paws dropped a couple of presents early. I got an antler, chewies, and a puzzle game (it has places for treats and the people cover them up and you have to figure out how to move the covers to get the treats. I'm awesome at it). Mom opened the antler when we got home and I love it! She's read up on them and thinks they'll be a safer option than the bones I usually get. I also had a big time burying and finding my chewies. I took one and hid it several times. Then I ate it all up and forgot, so I kept looking in the hiding spots. At least, I think I ate it up. Hey Grandma's kitty cats, if you find my chewy, it's mine!

The tree (and Mommy) at Grandma and Grandpa's

Barbara and Charlie (two of Grandma's kitty cats) inspecting Christmas

Christmas is so tiring!

Grandma and Grandpaw left their house to go visit my Aunt Melanie in Florida. We hung out for a little bit and then packed up and headed back to Kentucky, except we didn't go home. We only rode a little bit and stopped in a town called Bowling Green. We got to stay in Mr. Holiday's hotel! I love hotels because there are so many smells. Our room even had a full length window, so I could look out at all the trees to water. The only thing I hated was the Lelevator. And I had to ride the terrible thing a lot. Boo. Dad took video, so I'll try to get it on here later and show you just how terrible the thing is.

The Mister window

I love hotels!

You can't tell just how flat I am on the ground in the Lelevator, but I got flatter each time I had to ride that thing.

Anyway, we went to Bowling Green because Daddy had to work there on Christmas Eve. Mom and I hung out, then ran an errand and met him at the office, which was across the street from Mr. Holiday's hotel.  I worked very hard and there's talk of giving me a raise! Then a little girl came in to pick up her mommy and I didn't like her. She was very nice, but I didn't like her petting me. Mom said Santa Paws wouldn't come visit, so I apologized, but Mom said the little girl should pet me since I was being so grumpy.
I'm working very hard

After Dad was done working, we went to Mawmaw's house! It's the only place better than Grandma's house. Mawmaw and Grandma both sneak me treats and food. The only bad part was I had to put up with The Thing. By the end though, we were almost getting along. I still didn't like how he was always trying to play with me, but I growled and we played chase. The best part was I'd get bored running in circles, so I'd go off somewhere, but The Thing would keep running and had no idea I wasn't playing anymore. And he wonders why I think he's a dummy.

Uncle Ryan and The Thing and Mawmaw

Helping cook breakfast

Anyway, Santa Paws found me at Mawmaw's house, too. I got lots of treats. Mom made me share one with The Thing. And I did, since it was Christmas. Earning points for next year. After lunch and naps, we packed up again and came home.

Christmas is tiring here, too

The Thing playing with Flat Dog Mom made me I gave him

Me and The Thing

Save me Dad!

Now Mom's off all the rest of the week, so we're going to do all kinds of cuddling and snacking. I'm so excited!


  1. Sounds like a great day. Any time Sandy Paws drops by its good. And look at all that strangling, we mean snuggling. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. Whoa!!! That WAS the BEST WEEKEND. EVER! Even though you had to share with The Thing every once in a while. My G'ma is considered the "treat lady"...sounds just like your grandma and mawmaw!

    I am so happy you had a wonderful holiday! Enjoy those holiday cuddles!