Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hi friends!

Bad news. My assistant (a.k.a. Mommy) has started back with classes, so my posting may get sparse again. Sad.

Lately has been really weird. Mommy's been very busy with different activities and Mom and Dad went on a date Friday night (which I did not like at ALL because I got left all alone for 40 billionty-zillion hours). My dinner was late, too. The nerve! Then, Dad got busy with stuff and left me and Mommy alone Saturday (yay!), but Mommy got busy with chores and forgot to feed me on time, too!

I did take a nice nap while I waited, though

Sunday was OK. I went walking with my pal, Molly, at the arboretum. I liked saying hi to the other puppy dogs there.

Mommy had to work all day Monday...on a holiday! And Daddy was home all day. I got so confused and all I know was that I missed my mommy. THEN, they both went to dinner with friends and left me alone AGAIN. With a late dinner AGAIN.  To make it up to me, they let me sleep in the big bed. I liked that.  But this morning, Mommy didn't take me on my W-A-L-K because the wind chill was -6 degrees. I don't know what that means, but Mommy explained that meant it was too cold and we'd go a little later in the day. AH! This is not OK. If anyone has any tips on getting my humans back on track, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Crack out the whip pal and don't spare them. This is bad, bad, bad. As if home alone isn't bad enough not feeding you on time is unforgivable. I think a mega sulk is due. Make it a big one pal. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. My people are retarded so they are home most of the day. I like that a lot. I'm glad I'll get to visit you but I'm also glad I don't have to live there. Love, Emma

  3. Say what! We are calling the authorities
    Benny & Lily