Thursday, January 24, 2013

Greatest Adventure Ever

Hi friends!

I had the greatest adventure with my mommy today. She doesn't have to go that work place until later and she's actually caught up on her homework, so she said, "Mister, let's got adventuring today!" And I said, "Oh please, Mommy!"

Remember when my picture was on my pal Bunk's blog? Turns out I won second prize in his picture contest! I won a gift card to PetSmart. Since gift cards have taken over our house (according to Mommy. I haven't noticed a problem other than getting fed on time), she decided to use one up!

I hope I don't have to get a B-A-T-H!

Since it's been so cold lately, Mommy decided I needed a coat to wear and keep me warm. I made her stop at the booties. I am NOT stooping to that level.

Trying on a coat. 

Smelling smells

I heard a funny sound when I first walked in and after we made a lap around the store, I went to investigate.  Mom said it was a birdie making that racket. I've chased seen birdies in our neighborhood, but not one that colorful. The people working at PetSmart thought I was pretty cute checking out the birdie, too.

Hi. I'm Mister, a puppy dog. What are you?

The adventure didn't end there though! Since it's so cold, Mommy decided she NEEDED a Starbucks to warm her up. She also had a gift card to there, too. I love Starbucks because I look so cute, the barista gives me a puppy latte (whipped cream in a sample cup). Mm mm!

Mommy got a little disappointed because we didn't get rid of ANY gift cards  on our trips! BOL! She printed a coupon before we left for $5 off $25 or more at PetSmart, so that plus the Pet Perks card plus the coat being on sale made our total less than the card, even though we got a coat AND treats! There's still money left, so we get to go back for more treats! There's apparently still money left on her Starbucks card, too, because they handed it back to her and never asked for more. (Note from Mister's Mommy: I KNOW I've spent more than the $15, but whatever!) So in short, we went out trying to get rid of stuff and came back with more! And I went to PetSmart and didn't have to get a bath. Today was a perfect day!

Modeling my coat once we got home


  1. Wow shopping, freebies and NO Bath. Epic win. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I love your coat! You look smashing! What kind of birdie did you see? Was it a loud and squawky one, like the one that lives in my house?!? *rolls eyes* Glad you all had a great shopping trip.

    1. It was some kind of bright green bird. Mom says maybe a parakeet. She hates birds though, so I'm not allowed to have one in my house.

  3. Yea, congratulations. Cool coat
    Benny & Lily