Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Today is another one of those weird human holidays. Today is St. Patrick's Day. Apparently St. Patrick is a short man from Ireland who ran around giving gold to people and making them drink green beer. Or something. I don't understand so many of these human holidays.

Mom says she finds this holiday funny since the Irish haven't always been treated very nice in the United States. But everyone forgets all that and pretends to be Irish so they can party. Whatever. I'm not even allowed to drink, so this holiday is very dumb to me. I'd rather celebrate Thanksgiving again.

P.S. Today is also important because the Kentucky kitty Cats are playing in a basketball tournament. The fans are mixing their green and blue...except I can't really tell because I'm color blind! Ha! They're calling today St. Catrick's Day...I could support that as long as there's a St. Dogrick's Day soon!

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