Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers' Day

Hi friends!

I'm back with a recap of the best weekend ever! I didn't think this weekend would be great, since it started out terrible. My people left me ALL ALONE for two evenings IN A ROW (Thursday and Friday)! Can you believe? Something about going to see movies, date night, blah blah blah blah. Luckily, I guilted them into letting me sleep in the big bed Friday, so it wasn't a total loss. And they enjoyed both movies. I still don't understand why I wasn't invited. Something about "not being allowed." I say dogs should be allowed with their humans. Always. Will you join my #speciesrights movement on Twitter?

Anyway, my people and I woke up on Saturday. And then fell back asleep. And then woke up again. And then dozed off again. Then we woke up one more time and the people decided we had to get out of bed because we were going someplace important: Grandma's house! I jumped out of bed as fast as I could once I heard that news! Mom and Dad still had a couple of chores to do, so we got a later start than we meant to, but we still found time to swing by my favorite place--the drive-thru! I didn't get a puppy latte though. Boo.

We arrive at Grandma's and the WORST thing happened--she wasn't there!!!! I thought maybe she forgot I was coming. Apparently she and Grandpaw were at a family reunion that I wasn't invited to (#speciesrights). But she gave me treats and let me help make a pretzel salad. Don't let the salad part fool you. It's pretzels and cream cheese and whipped cream and deliciousness.

The Thing showed up, too, but I was actually very nice to him. One of these days, Mom hopes I start using his proper name. But then he does something like running his head into the table leg and she understands why he's The Thing and I say he has Skittles for brains.

Uncle Ryan got me and The Thing to do tricks for treats. The Thing did every trick he knew: sit, lie down, roll over, spin...all at the same time.

Hey Uncle Ryan, give me that treat now, please!

Grandma also brought us a surprise--kitten treats kittens! They were the same size as the rabbit I found last year, so I thought they were treats. Mommy wouldn't let me eat them though. Boo. The Thing freaked out. I was curious, but know to let cats run things. Guess which one the kittens liked more (Hint: it's me). Since Mom said the kittens were not for eating (boo!), Grandma took them back to their house in the garage. Then, I got a special treat: I got to sleep in the big bed with my people AGAIN! They didn't even bring my jail crate.

The kitten treats kittens

The littlest kitten really liked Mommy's lap. I let her.

I'm not to sure about sharing Mommy, the couch, AND Grandpaw, though.

Watching the other treat kitten

We did have a special treat that evening. For my night w-a-l-k, we went to lake and walked around the trail. We took a small break though. This is Uncle Ryan, The Thing, and Grandpaw.

The lake had geese and I wanted to take one home. My people said no. Drat!

The next day, we went to my favorite place: Mawmaw's house!  She has a huge yard, even though there's a huge puppy dog in the yard. She has her own pen though (don't get Mom started). Anyway, Mawmaw's house is also filled with treats and suckers people to feed me. I accidentally on purpose pottied on the couch (again), so I got in big trouble with Mom. Mawmaw forgave me pretty quick. Plus, The Thing pottied on purpose (not accidentally), so I'm still better than him.

Daddy and The Thing roughhoused.

Mawmaw, I'm sorry for accidentally on purpose pottying on your couch. I think she forgave me!

The trip home was also eventful. We hit a big storm and it was raining crazy heavy and there was lots of hail (which I don't know what it is, but it's LOUD). We tried to pull off, but everyone else had our idea and got to covering first, so we just pushed on. Luckily, it was all over soon after. Mom and Dad were very proud because I just napped. There weren't thunder boomies, so what did I have to be scared of? Soon, I was napping on all my pillows in my corner of the couch and all was right with the world!

But that's why this was the best weekend ever! There was something about Fathers' Day, so I should probably mention That Daddy Guy. I've been really nice to him lately. Maybe one day in a 100 millionth years, I'll like him as much as Mommy...but probably not. I still like him though.
Me and Dad in the big bed. I love weekend morning snuggles!


  1. The Thing is pretty smart
    Benny & Lily

  2. Morning snuggles are the best. Sounds like you had a great weekend. We know you love daddy. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Aw, looks like a great weekend after a rough Th/Fr start!