Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Hi friends!

This was the kind of best weekend ever! First, my grandma and grandpaw came to visit! It's always the best weekend when they come. Even if they do bring that Emma thing with them.  Grandma, of course,  brought me lots of treats.

Saturday was the worst day though. Grandma and Mommy left me all alone with Daddy, Grandpa, and Emma and I. Did. Not. Like. It. One. Bit. I might have done a lot of things I'm not supposed to do, but I really missed my mommy and treat machine Grandma. Apparently they went to the magical land call Ikea, which is roughly 57th million years away. The worst part was they didn't even get me any treats!

Saturday was also the start to college football season. I love football because it means your people lay on the couch all day! I don't like it because they are very loud. Daddy's team, the Kentucky Wild(kitty)cats lost :( but Mommy's team, the Auburn Tigers, won :)

Grandma, give me treats

Sunday was much better. We drove 98ty million years to Aunt P's house. She has a cookout every year for the whole family. Mommy and Daddy were proud of me today. I let human puppies pet on me and didn't get mad at Emma once! It helps that Aunt P and Uncle L have a really big fenced in yard, so she wasn't all up in my business...literally!

Snuggling with Daddy on the ride there.

I love picnics!

Mr. Phil fell asleep!

Uncle L always builds a fancy tent to give everyone shade, but it was so hot most people ended up in the yard under the trees.

Today is a great day too because it's a holiday. Holidays mean your humans sleep in and stay on the couch (mostly).  That means I've gotten to catch up on my beauty rest.

And that's why this was the best weekend ever!


  1. Visitors are always good for extra love and attention
    Benny & Lily

  2. Glad you had a pawsome long weekend and great foodables and treats too. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly