Friday, March 14, 2014

Weirdest Trip to Grandma's

Hi friends!

Today has been a very strange day. Actually, all week has been weird. It all started Monday morning when the alarm went off. It seemed earlier than usual. But I ate my breakfast and went on my W-A-L-K, so maybe I was just extra tired. But I did see a suitcase in the corner and then my daddy never came home that night. I didn't really notice since Mom took me on a W-A-L-K as soon as she got home and then immediately took me on a car ride. But after a while, I realized I had extra couch. The REALLY weird part is that he didn't come home the next day or the next day! Really strange. But, Mom let me sleep in the big bed and I didn't get moved from my pillow, so it was OK.

Just when I thought I had gotten rid of The Daddy Guy, he came home. But I was so excited to see him, I didn't care! He laid in bed and tried to get me to snuggle him, but Mommy wasn't home yet, so I had to maintain my look out for her. After a hundred billionty hours, she finally came home. We went on a W-A-L-K and then the Grandma's House bag came out! Yahoo!

Grandma and Grandpaw weren't home when we got there, so I made friends with their kitty cat and smelled smells. They finally came home and I snuggled on the couch with them. Grandpaw looked like he needed some attention.

Grandma and Grandpaw had some old pictures out. Did you know my daddy was a drummer when he was little? I probably wouldn't have liked listening.

The best part of going to Grandma's was the 'lectric blankie on the Big Bed. It made for some warm, snuggly snuggles that night! When we woke up, Mom and Dad didn't want to get out of bed, but I finally tortured them enough to let me at least go potty.  The strange part of today was that Grandma and Grandpaw got dressed like they were going to church. But it wasn't Fat Paper Day, so I don't think that's where they were going. Before they left though, Grandma gave me a PopTart. It was delicious! Just don't tell Mom.

Just when it couldn't get weirder, Mom and Dad got dressed like THEY were going to church. But then, I got to go on a car ride, so I guess we weren't going to church. Nope! We went to GreatGrandma's! Here's where the story takes a turn for the worse. I got TRICKED into going out on the back porch/sunroom thing and I got left there forever! And I know it was forever because I counted! They finally got home and Dad changed out of his church clothes while Mom took me outside to run and smell and "other business." While we were in the yard, I asked Mommy where they went and she said my GreatGrandpaw died and they were at the funeral. I said that can't be right because my GreatGrandpaw was in the house with GreatGrandma. She said I had another GreatGrandpaw that I didn't get to meet. I asked if he'd give me treats and Mom said he couldn't because he's at the Rainbow Bridge. Oh. But what about the treats?

The worst part is, then I got dumped on the back porch AGAIN while the humans went out AGAIN and they were gone forever AGAIN. When they got back this time I yelled at them and they said the church ladies were feeding the family, so they had to go to the church for lunch. OH. MY. DOG. Friends, my humans went and had church lady food without me! Everyone knows there is nothing in this world tastier than church lady food! And they went and ate it all without me! But then GreatGrandma gave me treats and I let GreatGrandpaw love on me. Mom changed out of her church clothes and we got in the car and came home.

It's so exhausting thinking these puppy dog thoughts all the time.

Weirdest, worst trip to Grandma's ever. But now I'm on the couch where I belong, both of my humans are here, and I've been getting lots of snuggles, so I may forgive them.

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