Monday, May 16, 2011

Road Trip!

Mom and I had the greatest adventure this weekend! We took a road trip, just us. No That Daddy-Guy or anything! I loved getting all my mommy's attention
We went to see my other grandparents in Tennessee. They live with 3 kitty cats. They weren't very playful, but we played lots of "Stare." I also made them share their food, but Mommy made me stop and then I threw it all up anyway.
I wasn't too happy with Mom on Saturday, though. She left me all alone. She said she had to go do some stuff further south and that I could stay and play with my grandparents and the kitty cats. If I'm not allowed to eat their food, that's not much fun! Mom left me anyway :(
I had a pretty fun time with my grandparents. Grandma was excited I let her pet me. Grandpa took me on a couple of walks and I peed on everything (even surprised him with a couple of #2s). I wish Mom had been home with me, but all in all, I had a good time. Then Mom came home and I snuggled her lots.
We had a fun trip, but I kinda missed That Daddy-Guy (sh! Don't tell him that). Mom said that was the last bit of traveling for a while.


  1. We enjoyed having you stay with us, Mister. I especially liked going for long walks with you. Hope you come back and see us again soon!

  2. Maybe next time you'll want to sit in my lap. Love you - Grandma

  3. Sounds like you had quite a trip and so did your grandparents! It was awfully nice they let you stay and take you on nice walks and all.

    Next time, I recommend licking one of the kitties. Right on the side of their head. You have to run away super de duper fast though. Otherwise, they get mad and hit you. :( But I figure a big wet kiss will either (1) endear them to you because they'll see how affectionate you are, or (2) irritate them and show them you're not taking their attitude. (Kittehs have plenty of attitude to go around, in general).

  4. I'd love to lick them. Charlie might be my best bet since I only catch glimpses of Oliver and The Queen would have me be-headed!