Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't Worry. I'm Here

Sorry for the long silence everyone. Mommy is going back to school, so she has to type other stuff besides my blog :( I'd hike my leg on that if I wouldn't get in a lot of trouble!
Summer is in full swing around here. I like summer, except it's hot and that means lots of loud yard machines. If people would just keep their yard machines inside where they belong, I would offer my services to keeping yards neat and trim. I love snacking on grass!
It was really hot at home last week. Mom said the temperatures now are more around normal, so to celebrate, she and Dad had a cook-out.

I'm really happy about the cook-out

"You gonna eat all that?"

I've been having fun smelling all the smells in the yard while Mom and Dad hang out. Unless there's food. Then I stare them both down until they give me some. Persistence pays off!