Wednesday, November 7, 2012

22 Days of Thankful: Day 7

7. Car rides

Whoa man, do I love car rides! I love when my people ask, "Mister, do you want to go for a car ride?" What do they expect me to say? "Nah, I'll stay here all by my lonesome while you two have all the adventures without me."? NO! Car rides are like walks--they take you on adventures. Usually our adventures lead us to the drive-thru. Sometimes to the Barkery. A few times a year, we go on really long car rides and end up at one of my Grandma's house or at a hotel or at Mom's family's cabin in Canada.

On my very first car ride (second if you don't count my trip home). We went all the way to Canada! I told Dad I'd drive.

After a long ride, it's good to get our and stretch your legs!

Once, our adventure took us to Starbucks and I got a puppy latte!
Mom and Dad were washing the car. I saw the open door and thought we were going. Boo!

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