Thursday, November 22, 2012

22 Days of Thankful: Day 22

Whew! I made it! Even if my typist tried to sabotage me and forgot a couple of times. She tastes yummy though, so I'll keep her around.

22. To have a houseful of suckers family to love me

Maybe my favorite part of Thanksgiving (besides an entire holiday revolving around food) is the number of people that come together to sneak me some. Since I came around, Mom and Dad's families have done joint Thanksgiving. Yes, I take the credit for it. Two years ago, both sides came here. Last year, we all went to my great-grandma's and great-grandpaw's house. This year, everyone's back at my house. I've perfected the sad brown eyes look and no humans can resist it! Too bad my aunt Melanie couldn't come this year. She's my biggest sucker food sneaker.
My aunt Melanie. She helped keep me out of trouble last time Thanksgiving was here.

Helping cook two years ago. I'm chief taste tester and dropsies cleaner-upper.

I hope you've enjoyed my 22 Days of Thankful. Just remember, being thankful is year-round, not just in November. That means every day should include a full turkey dinner and scraps snuck to me.

To all my US readers, we hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving. Don't get trampled on Black Friday (Mom's going shopping, but to a local small business and certainly not before daylight). To all my UK and elsewhere readers, we hope you have a wonderful Thursday and remember to take a minute and be thankful...again!

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  1. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and we hope it is a joyous holiday for you and all your family.
    Best wishes Molly