Monday, February 18, 2013

Potty Bells Review

Hi friends,

You won't believe this. Did you know Valentine's Day dinners DON'T include puppy dogs?!?!?! I know! Daddy took Mommy to a nice restaurant and they didn't take me. The nerve! But they let me sleep in the big bed when they got home. And I totally got them back. They were both sitting up for a little bit in bed, so I made myself at home right across both of their pillows so they couldn't lie down. Serves them right.

Anyway, I promised a review and today's the day! A long time ago, I was contacted by Ms. Sally at PoochieBells asking if I'd like to try out one of their products and they'd even send a free bonus item. Sweet! Mommy's been wanting to train me with potty bells since Christmas. Normally when I want to go out, I just stand by the door, but Mom realized the tree blocked her view to the door. Plus, from where she sits on the couch, she can't really see to the door anyway. This has never been a problem, but something she'd like to fix before it is. Cue PoochieBells!

The process is simple enough: hang the bells around the doorknob and the human rings them each time he or she opens the door to let you potty. You're supposed to catch on and ring them yourself eventually. One small problem. I'm a little lot bit of a scaredy-dog. I didn't NOT like the jingle the bells made at all. I accidentally rang them a couple of times myself, but otherwise backed away when Mom rang them. Mom thinks she should have introduced them a little differently, so we're taking a potty bell break for a bit and regroup. Mom still really likes the idea and my experience should in no way influence you or your human. I'm just a little goofy.

PoochieBells also has hooks you can buy (for your bells or just cause). They also have this cool towel thingy, which was my bonus gift.  From their site: 

The reusable, disposable to-go Pet Towel is a 100% biodegradable drying sheet for your 
pet.  It offers drying without dirtying bath towels.  Soft, compact in size, yet absorbent and 
trouble-free to store and use.  Great for foul weather, after swim or bath.  Wring out, hang 
dry and reuse again and again!  Each towel measures 17"x 31.5", great for all breeds.

Perfect for trips to the dog park, sloppy weather days, poolside, after bath, etc.

Available in on the go single pack pouches or six towel boxed  sets.

Mom keeps an old towel by the door for rainy and snowy days, so I don't track mud all over. It works fine, but is a pain to keep clean and dry. I liked the towel much better than I liked the potty bells. And I don't like getting toweled off at all. I maybe stayed a little bit damper, but only if we had a downpour. For just plain walks through wet grass, the towel worked great. The best part is once it gets dirty, you can just toss it! The Ziploc pouch helps you transport it in case you walk at the park and your human won't let you back in the car with wet paws.

Bell Pros: Great training method, lots of colors and patterns of bell ribbons, adjustable for your dog (snaps allow you to relatively adjust the bells to be lower or higher), Mom kind of already wants a hook to hang my leash and walking stuff just because they're nice.
Towel Pros: Easier to use than regular bath towel, lighter, disposable

Bell Cons: Scary, but only if you're a scaredy-dog like me. Maybe have different sizes of bells, so smaller bells have a lighter sound?
Towel Cons: Redundant (that's a Mommy word) since a regular towel works fine

Overall, I give PoochieBells three (of four) paws up.

Disclaimer: I was given a set of PoochieBells bells and Pet Towel for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

From Mister's Mom: I really do want a hook. Hint to anyone wanting to buy us a present :)


  1. My peeps would not get me one of those as I'd probably drive her nuts playing with it. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Great review! We love our potty bells.
    Benny & Lily

  3. We've been using our own version of potty bells with our dogs for 20 years or more. We use sleigh bells. Only problem is the hounds get a treat after they go out so Reggie sometimes rings the bell just to signal he wants a treat!

  4. Pottie Bells? Huh. I've never had those...I just lay in front of the door until someone realizes I need to go out. I hope you get un-afraid of them so you can use them!
    *high paws* on your review.

  5. Like the review - thanks will keep it in mind - might be a good gift to have someone buy me :)