Friday, February 22, 2013

Secret Sisters

Hi friends!

My daddy's work is doing this cool thing called "secret sisters." They all filled out a paper (must be nice to have thumbs) and were given the paper of someone else to do nice things for. No one is allowed to know who their sister is (even though my daddy's a boy. Weird). Yesterday, my daddy's secret sister left some presents on his desk. He assumed since it was a stuffed squeaky bone and dog treats that the presents were for ME!

Here's me playing tug with the stuffed squeaky bone. I'm not big on toys, so my people were excited to get a picture of me actually playing with it.

I also got some delicious treats. I may not really play with toys, but I go BANANAS for treats!

The best part of the story was right after my daddy quit torturing me gave me a treat. It was a long chew treat, so I was off chomping away and my people decided to pick up dinner. I love car rides as much as I love food, so I wanted to go, too. Problem. I wasn't finished with my bone. And if I left it at home, it might get stolen. What's a puppy dog to do? I went back and forth for a bit and finally decided to take my bone on the car ride, too! My indecision made my people laugh a LOT. Whatever. I got a bone treat and a car ride. Greatest day EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I would totally get a sister if she does nice things for me and I don't have to know anything about her.


  1. Brilliant idea and what a nice gesture. LOL, we'd be torn too and probably take our bone for a ride as well. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Secret Sisters sounds like fun. I met my other sister yesterday. She's not a secret. I met my nephew, Louis. He hissed and I left him alone. I hope you get lots more treats and no hisses.

  3. I'm gonna suggest doing that at my work! Only people with pets can play ha!