Thursday, April 4, 2013

Work and Baths

Hi friends!

Wow! Today was the best day ever! Well, kinda, but I'll get to that.

I knew today would be different just because Mommy didn't do her normal "getting ready for work" routine. That theory got busted though because after my W-A-L-K, I got stuck in jail my crate. Just for a little bit an hour, so not bad. Plus, Mom said she got the Mister Taxi all ready to take me places! Yay! Then, Mommy and I rested on the couch. My favorite.

Little did I know, Mommy was plotting a grand adventure while we rested. She looked at me and said, "Mister, are you ready for an adventure?" I said, "Mommy, that's a silly question. I love adventures!" And we were off!

On the way to our first stop, there was a puppy dog in the car next to us making romantic, blechy, sweet eyes at me. I didn't notice though because my heart belongs to Mommy. Mommy noticed though and the other dog's mommy noticed and they both laughed.

Anyway, our first stop was my favorite place--the drive thru! Mommy ordered sixty twenty pounds of food. Then we were off again!

Our next stop was Daddy's work! I love working with Daddy. I'm pretty sure he sits around eating pretzels with peanut butter all day, but I have no evidence. Anyway, the ladies in his office all love me, of course. One even keeps treats in her desk for puppy dogs that may come visit! Of course, I conned charmed her into giving me one. I got lots of lovings and even some fries. Yum! We hung out with Daddy for a bit. Something about therapy and lowering his blood pressure when he's with people at work. Does that make me a therapy dog? Does that mean I can go everywhere with Mommy? Sign me up!

After Daddy had to go back to eating peanut butter covered pretzels, Mommy and I were off again! Of course, by now I was exhausted, but I perked up for a picture.

That guy is Mom's Squishy. He's my travel buddy.

We swung by the Bluegrass Barkery to get more food and Mommy snuck a bag of fresh treats onto the counter, too. We drove in circles for forever and ended up in some parking lot. We sat in the car for a millionty hundred seven hours and finally Mom opened the door. Rats! Our circles took us to the evil bath place. We walked around the store for a bit though and that was fun. I almost pottied on a Potty Patch, but Mommy said, "NO Mister! That's not for pottying." I looked at her like she was dumb. If the PetSmart people didn't want me pottying on it, maybe they shouldn't put it on the bottom shelf! Anyway, we finally went in to the torture chamber grooming room. I had my usual person. Mom likes her a lot and she always lies tells Mom I was so good. While I was getting tortured getting my delicious dog smell taken away clean, Mom probably ate peanut butter covered pretzels or something. 

Getting tortured my delicious dog smell taken away clean is exhausting.

Now I smell terrible, but Mom and Dad say I smell so yummy and "Mister, you are soooo soft." Whatever. I hate you now. Unless you have pretzels. Or fries. Or peanut butter.

Anyway, we had one last stop, but I had to stay in the car (don't worry pals, it was a cool, overcast day, so I didn't get warm at all). Mom came right back and we were finally home, on the couch, where we belong.

Wow! What a great adventure! That's why today was the best day ever!


  1. I'll have to tell you about my adventure today.


  2. I think you have earned some pretzels and peanut butter just based on cuteness alone!! :) Great story!!!

  3. What a great adventure apart from the groomers who we'd gladly give a miss. Bet you were pooped when you got home? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh I just love a good adventure too! It's the best days when the peeps don't do their usual going-to-work routine, right?

  5. Glad you and squishy got to go with mom. It was a fun day for sure. Hope mom is ok
    Benny & Lily