Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

How are you? I miss you. My parents are being very mean and not giving me all the treats I can eat. I only got 1 all day today. Please come visit soon. And bring treats.

I didn't do it. Mom and Dad will tell you I did, but let me tell you my side of the story first. I really love Mommy and I was just trying to give her kisses. I didn't know if I jumped in her lap, her open can would fall off the laptop table and spill on the new couch and floor. So I jumped. And she got a little upset. Dad did too. I didn't mean it. I sulked around while Mom cleaned it up. Then I promised to be good, but kept on sulking. I'm too cute to be in trouble!

Please come rescue me soon (and bring treats)!



  1. Oh, Mister! I'm so sorry your mom and dad are mad at you. A puppy dog can't be expected to know everything about open cans. Accidents can happen to anyone. If they haven't forgiven you by the time you read this, I'll have to give them a piece of my mind. If I give away too much of it, there won't be enough for me to live in my own house and then I'll have to come live with you. I'll be there to save you all the time. Love, Tennessee Grandma

    1. Thanks for having my back, Grandma. I think I've been forgiven. At least, I'm napping on the couch like I am. There's talk of me sleeping in the big bed tonight (thunder boomies coming), so I think I'm good. But come visit me anyway. Just don't forget the treats! Or maybe I can come visit you. Does that Emma thing ever go somewhere?

  2. Mister, I'm sorry that Emma stays here all the time, but you are welcome to visit anyway. We hope she would make a better hostess than guest. She likes her treats as much as you do. Grandpaw and I will have to make a trip north soon.

  3. OMD we are sorry to read you are on treat rations. Poor you and getting blamed for spilling a drink too. Not on Mister. Keep up the good work sulking. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Aw, poor you...didn't you see an evil snake or something by your Mom's laptop and you hurried to chase it away and were successful in doing so but in all the chaos Mom didn't realize that you saved her life really? Oh, yes, MANY treats are in order for our hero of the day!
    Max :)