Friday, May 10, 2013


Hi friends!

Yesterday was the greatest day ever! Yesterday after my w-a-l-k, my people left my harness and collar on, just detaching the leash. Weird. Then they asked if I wanted to go on a car ride. "Um, duh!" But we didn't go to a drive-thru like usual. My people reattached my leash and we were off. We drove for a hundred billionty miles and waited in a line for a zillionty hours. Kind of like the drive-thru, but we didn't drive to a window. Someone took all our money and showed us where to park. As we were waiting, I saw a ton of other puppy dogs all over. We parked and I bolted as fast as I could from the car. We walked past all kinds of puppy dogs and stood in ANOTHER line for a millionty seven hours. Finally, the people said we were ready to go in.

"Go in where?" you might ask. Well, yesterday was Bark in the Park. A local pet store (not the Barkery, but another good one) sponsored the event at our local minor league baseball stadium. The people got to watch baseball and I got to beg for popcorn from the people in front of us.

It. Was. Awesome! Dad didn't have much fun because he was in charge of going for dinner and the lines were super long and they ran out of everything good.

The was when we first arrived. We thought we could only sit on the lawn, but they opened 2 sections of box seats for puppy dogs and their people, which made my people happy.

People with lawn seats.

Mom brought a blanket for the lawn, so I just lounged on it.

This family had a little chocolate lab puppy. She was very quiet. I was mostly interested in the crinkle bag. Then the dad started feeding me popcorn. He was my bestest friend.

This puppy dog barked almost the whole time.

Hanging with my dad. I kinda like this baseball thing.

Waiting on Dad with Mommy.

This puppy dog wore himself out. His name is "Stoops," after UK's new football coach. Coach better be good!

Two ginormous German Shepherds sat in our row. I didn't really pay attention to them and they just laid down. Towards the end of the game, we sat butt to butt.

Also towards the end, the humans started barking along to some song I'd never heard. After the humans had their turn, the speakers played another song and the German Shepherds started barking along! The got other puppy dogs in our section going and everyone watched them and laughed. I just sniffed around.

My whole family

After that grand adventure, I was worn out. I didn't even really want to get out of jail my crate this morning. But it was still the best day ever!


  1. What a great event and what fun. Wish we'd do something like that over here. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That is a super cool outing!!!! Did you get a piece of hotdog and a beer too?? Hope you get to relax today!

  3. What a fabulous outing!! We are having something like that here too sometime soon! GREAT photos!! Loved them!

  4. What a fun day, especially the part about the popcorn. Maybe I can get my mom and dad to take me to the baseball games in our neighborhood. Love, Emma

  5. Looks like you had a great time! I have been to our Bark in the Park twice. At ours, each doggy gets their own seat. I loved all the food smells...lucky that you sat by someone who was willing to share.