Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi friends!

This was the worst best weekend ever. Lots of great things happened, but I was always left alone while my people went and did the fun things! No fair!

On Friday night, my people had one of those darn date nights. They drove all the way to Daddy's work, walked to a restaurant downtown and then went to a movie downtown, too. I've been walking downtown lots, but I wasn't allowed this time and I just don't understand why not. I'm a ball of fun!

Then, on Saturday, my people did my routine really weird, threw me in jail and went OUT for breakfast! I didn't even get to beg! Afterwards, they went Mister-mobile shopping and Mommy got a new Mister-mobile. Apparently my approval was not desired, but I do like it.

The best part is Grandma and Grandpaw and Emma came to town Saturday. Grandma gave me lots of treats, as always. Then, Emma and I got thrown in our jails AGAIN while the humans went out to a fancy-pants dinner.

Daddy, Emma, and me

Luckily, by Sunday morning, they seemed to be over the whole "throw Mister in jail" thing. Daddy made pancakes, so I had to help him. He even made me my very own short stack and drizzled just a little syrup over them. Deeeeelicious!  After a morning of lying around, I knew I was in trouble when the humans started showering. Things never end well for Misters when that happens. Sure enough, I got thrown in jail AGAIN. This time it was something about Mommy's graduation. I wasn't really listening, since I wasn't invited. Daddy said I would have been better behaved than some of the humans there.
Mommy getting her paper that says she's graduated

Daddy and Mommy

Grandma, Mommy, and Grandpaw

Mommy stayed in her bathrobe so we could take a family picture

Mommy and the new Mister-mobile

Mom, get this thing off me.

So I didn't like being in jail so much, but I'm glad my mommy graduated. Now she doesn't have to leave me for so long in the evenings. Plus, I heard Grandma and Grandpaw and Mommy and Daddy talking. They're coming back to visit in a few weeks! And even though Grandma and Mommy are going to this pretend place called Ikea one of the days, Daddy and Grandpaw will be home the WHOLE time, so no jail for me!!!!


  1. What a swell weekend for your peeps and congratulations to mummy on her graduation. I am sure you can forgive her for leaving you home alone on such a special weekend. Well done mum. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Left alone! The nerve..... Bet it was fun with grampy and granny. Congrats to the graduate!
    Benny & Lily