Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hi friends!

This has been the BEST WEEK EVER!!! This weekend, I went of vacation with my people! My grandpaw's dad bought a cabin in Canada forever ago, so Grandpaw went up as a little boy and my mom's been going since she was born. Now, my whole family goes! We had great adventures, but I will let pictures tell the stories.

The trip is about 12 hours from my house, so we stopped for lunch and I got to potty and drink water. We stopped for the night in Michigan, in the upper lower peninsula, then only had a few more hours the next day.

I slept most of the way.

Mom tried to take a panorama picture with her Iphone-pod-pad. It's a little distorted, but you get an idea of the view! That's Batchawana Bay (off Lake Superior) in the background.

When we got there, I had a great surprise! Grandpaw and Great-Uncle A completely fenced in the deck. Usually I have to be tied up (which is a problem since I like to wander around and under and get tangled) or penned (again, I'd rather wander). I had to show squirrels, chipmunks, and Emma that it was MY fence!

Lots of squirrels and chipmunks live in Canada, so Emma and I had to patrol. She's a quick learner.

We even got along most of the time and laid down in close proximity to each other. We went back and forth between sun and shade.

I also liked my Gotcha Day present--a cool bed. It has a foam liner and Mommy pours water in it, which soaks into the foam and keeps puppy dogs cool.

Follow me, Emma!

I also liked Mom's deck bed--pillows sewn together.

They call me Old Man Puppy Face. I don't get it.

On our last full day, friends of my Grandpawrents came to stay for a few days. To celebrate, we went to get ice cream. I wasn't allowed inside, so Mommy waited with me. They had a huge yard with a teepee skeleton in the middle, so Mom took my picture.

They also had a totem pole, but I was too excited for ice cream! Daddy did actually give me a few licks. Yummy!

When we got home, everyone ate dinner and then some friends came from down the beach to visit. We had a deck full with 8 humans and two puppy dogs!

The coolest part was the present Grandma and Grandpaw gave me. They just got back from a cruise to Alaska and one of the things they did was visit Happy Trails Kennels, home of Martin Buser, 4-time Iditarod musher winner! They got to meet puppies in training, learn more about the race (including the fact that Martin wins lots of Humanitarian Awards because of the condition of his sled dogs when they reach check-points and are inspected by independent V-E-Ts), and even see a training race! They got me an authentic bootie worn by one of Martin's dogs in the Iditarod (Rachel).

Rachel's info card

Me modeling the bootie. Mom says I probably don't have a future as a sled dog based on my less than excited reaction!

We had a great vacation, but I'm glad to be home with my people. I missed my couch and I don't eat well when I'm not at home. But the smells in Canada are amazing! We even saw what we think was a moose track in the sand one day (way too big to be a deer). And I now own all of Canada...well at least Batchawana Bay!


  1. So glad you had a swell vacation and glad you had fun on deck patrol too. Welcome home. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Gee willy whiskers!!! That was some vacation...and there was ice cream and an authentic sled dog bootie?!? It's all too much. Totally pawesome, my pal!