Friday, October 11, 2013

Food Truck Friday

Hi friends!

Today was the best day ever! First, when Dad's alarm buzzer loud wake upper went off, Mommy got up and gave me breakfast. I love breakfast! Then, Mommy and I went on a w-a-l-k even though the sun wasn't even awake yet. We've been doing that a lot lately. Can't say I'm a fan, but I love w-a-l-ks, so I go along with it.

Then the day took a turn for the worse when Mommy went to that work place. But she came home with a bunch of bags all filled with food, so I forgave her!

Then, comes the best part: After all the foods were put away, she said, "Mister, would you like to go adventuring and visit Daddy at work?" I said, "Daddy needs all the help he can get at the work place and I'm just the puppy dog to help! Do I get to ride in the car?" And Mommy said, "Yes!" But I was already in the car. BOL!

Turns out Daddy didn't need much help at work, but we did go on a w-a-l-k downtown where I did something new: We got lunch from a truck. Normally I hate trucks because they're loud and I'm pretty sure they're trying to eat me. But this truck handed out FOOD! Maybe trucks aren't so bad!

I didn't freak out because this truck gives us food!

Mom and Dad took their lunches back to Dad's office and we ate in a nice shady area just outside. I got a few French Fries for my trouble, naturally.

Where's mine, Dad?

Any more? Please?

After lunch was done, Mom and I went back home and Mom said, "Mister, would you like to get in the big bed?" I said, "But Mommy, the sun's still awake. it's not time for bed yet." Mommy said, "I know." So I said, "Oh ok." And she gave me a boost into the big bed and we both fell asleep.

Stretching after a nap. Modestly, of course!

I think Mom has her inside clock messed up, waking up before the sun and going to sleep before the sun, but it's just a normal day for me. Plus, that meant I didn't have to keep an eye on her. Dad depends on me to keep her out of trouble when he's not home. I'm so worn out from napping, I think I'll turn in early!


  1. Pawsome day by the sounds of things. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Some of those food trucks serve awfully good food
    Benny & Lily

  3. Mister, you got to eat food from a truck?!? No fair. When my Ma and Daddy-dog go eat from a food truck they never bring me along. Nap well, my friend.
    *high paw*