Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm a Good Boy

I almost went adventuring today! Mommy and Dad had the TV Show man come fix the TV shows (every channel was black and had no sound. That's boring). Since he had to do some stuff to my yard, they unlocked the gates.
Well, today was stormy and very windy. When Mommy got home from work, she let me out to go potty like normal. She came inside to do some stuff in the kitchen and realized she had lost sight of me. She came out just to check since she's a worry-wort like that. She says it's because she's afraid the rabbit that sometimes visits our yard will be around and I'll find it and try to play with it. Silly Mommy. Why would I hurt the Easter Bunny that brings me presents?
Anyway, when she came outside, she called me and came moseying over. That's when she realized the gate was WIDE OPEN! OhNoes! She is very thankful that I know my boundaries and that I come when called (unless there's a good smell or I know she doesn't have a treat). I told her I could never leave her. She needs me to protect her from that Daddy-Guy.

P.S. Here's me checking out some stuff my parents have been doing to my yard. It's alright, guess. I don't really get why they want to sit in those chairs. I prefer the sunbeams on the grass.

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  1. Those kind of chairs are the best!

    Nubbin wiggles,