Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hi friends!
Hope everyone is staying dry. Mommy reads on her book-face thing that some people are having really high temperatures and droughts. That's hard to believe because all it's done here is rain, rain, rain. And then rain a little more. Then the sun will come out, but it's only teasing because then the rain comes back. The weather people said it's the wettest April ever.
Not only it is raining, but it's storming. I normally don't do much for thunderstorms, just nap under the table or bed. But all these storms are taking their toll on this puppy dog. Mom and that Daddy-guy even let me up on the couch because I was worried and hopped up on my own and hid in the blanket. Then I snuggled and gave them my best "sad face" and it worked!

This is what our forecast is. The severe weather is really not good. That's when I get really scared. Mom just hopes I'm not alone when it's like that.
However, I hope everyone will keep our friends in Tennessee and Alabama in your thoughts and prayers. Tennessee got it bad last night and Alabama is bad today. Everywhere is flooding and that's like one giant, dirty bath. I don't like clean baths so dirty ones are even worse!

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  1. Oh, I wish we had some of your rain. Here in Florida, it is so dry...drought, wild fires, etc. If you could send some rain this way, I would appreciate it!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz