Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Help Needed!

Hi everyone!
I need a favor. There's a puppy dog that needs our help. His name is Lennox and he lives in Ireland. I don't quite know where that is, but Mom said it's way far away. Like farther than we walk on long walks.
Anyway, he got taken away from his family because he looks like a "pit bull" and Northern Ireland has Breed-Specific Laws against pits. The thing is he's NOT a pit bull (even if he was, pit bulls are no more likely to be dangerous than any other breed of dog, but that's another story). Lennox also has a girl in his family that needs him. If you could, please go to the Save Lennox Petition and be a voice for a dog that hasn't done anything to anyone. You can also learn more about him and the story on his website. The good news is, the courts have agreed to review the case, but he still needs us!
I know he's scared and lonely (and not very well taken care of). I'd be lost without my mommy (and that Daddy-guy, I guess). I sure hope no one decides all Jack Russells are bad dogs!

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