Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fur-th of July

This weekend was the worst ever! Well, that's not totally true. Daytime was nice. I did lots of of walking and napping and cute-being. But near sun sleep time, something terrible happened--the boomies! The boomies are not to be confused with the "zoomies" where I get a wild hair and run around the house as fast as I can. No, the boomies are worse, much more dangerous. And they just.wouldn't.stop. No amount of pacing or watching or trembling I did would make them stop. Eventually my people would help me settle down, but if a boomie was especially loud, I was on alert. Except the time I was snuggled on Dad's shoulder. I was safe there.
Mom said people were shooting off fireworks because it was the fur-th of July. She said our country's founding fathers certainly had cookouts and blowing stuff up in mind when they said they didn't want to be ruled by the king of England. I think she was being silly. My mommy, ever the jokester!
Fur-th of July or not, I don't like those boomie fireworks. I hope we never have another one! Luckily, they seemed to have stopped.

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