Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Four-Legged Friends

I had another great weekend (aren't all weekends great? My people are home all day and in good moods). This weekend was special for a couple of reasons. First, we went to one of my favorite places. No, not the drive thru. No, not the bank. No, not the toy store. We went to GRANDMA'S! I'm pretty lucky to have 2 grandmas that love me and spoil me. It just so happened to be the birthday weekend for the one that lives in Kentucky, so we went to visit.

At first, I wasn't too sure we'd have a good visit. Their air conditioner broke and no one could come fix it for, like, seventy hundred-leven years. Grandma and Grandpa had done a good job of closing off rooms they didn't need, so the window air and a fan kept us pretty cool.

Then came the best part. On Sunday, we went to my other other favorite place--Great-Grandma's! She just thinks I'm the cat's meow...or I guess that'd be the dog's bark for me? Let's just say I'm the favorite with Dad's whole family. There were two other puppy dogs visiting. We sniffed each other, but one wanted to play a little more than I cared for, so he had to stay in the sunroom while the people ate (so I could beg in peace). When Mom finished, we went outside to let the other dogs have a turn. Mom said there was a special surprise about to come anyway. What could be better than Grandma's and Great-grandmas? A parade!

Here's everyone lining the streets for the parade

I'm ready!

I had never seen a parade before. There were lots of big cars and tiny cars. There were loud trucks with sirens and people riding 4-wheelers. But the REALLY best part? There were horses! I have found my long-lost best friends. I really wanted to go say hi to the horses. Mom laughed at me and said I couldn't reach high enough to sniff their butts. She thinks she's so funny sometimes.

I really wanted to meet the horses

Here's a video my dad took of me watching the horses!

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