Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tree Land (a.k.a. "Canada")

Mom and Dad finally got their pictures out of the camera boxes! Yay!

Every year since before she was born, Mom's family has gone to Tree Land ("Canada"). By my calculations, that's about 80 thousandy-hundred years. Give or take. Since I like car rides so much, Mom and Dad get to take me with them! I even have a passport so I can get back in to the U.S. (they've never asked for it going into Tree Land).

This is me, ready to go! Too bad the people weren't ready yet.

This is me and That Daddy Guy going for a jog near our hotel in Gaylord, MI. We usually stop there to spend the night since the drive is ninety-leven hours long. I needed to stretch my legs.

This is the view!

I spent my days keeping a look-out for squirrels...


And keeping watch whenever someone went inside. I tried using my power of suggestion to make them bring me snacks. It usually worked, too!

I also helped Grand-Paw cook dinner.

We did have one rainy day, so Mom and I took a long nap...

And That Daddy Guy gave me belly rubs!

On our last night, Mom and Dad took me down to their friends' places that are right on the beach. I didn't want to go swimming, but I sniffed around and chased sea gulls. I think Tree Land is the greatest place ever!

And this is me with my family. My people are pretty great. They don't even get upset when I get distracted by birds...or squirrels...or chipmunks...or air...or...well, you get the idea!

I really like going to Tree Land and I especially like travelling with my people. I hope we get to go on more trips...only maybe not quite as far away.

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