Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family Reunion

Hi friends!
Sorry for the silence lately. We've been very busy around here. This was the greatest weekend ever! I finally got to go back to Grandma's house! Usually, when the people bring out the duffel bag, that means we go there. But lately, we've been going every where else. That makes me sad because both my grandma's spoil me even more than Mom and Dad.

We went to Grandma's because Daddy had a family reunion. The best part? Well, besides the neighborhood kitties that hung out on Grandma's porch (which I didn't really pay attention to at all), was that I ended up being invited! Since it was being held inside a church, Mom and Dad thought I wouldn't be allowed and would have to stay in my crate at my great-grandma's. Phooey on that. I still had to hang out in my crate, but only when the 2-legged puppies started to arrive and while everyone was eating.

Me in my crate :(

How many humans does it take to figure out the oven?

The delicious smelling food. Mawmaw snuck me some ham when they were cleaning up. So I can verify that it tasted delicious, too!

Everyone going through the line

Standing around after and taking pictures

The older puppies decided to play some ball

Me and my mommy

No weekend is complete without my morning big bed snuggles!

My mom and dad were very proud of me this weekend. I only whined a little bit in my crate and that was when everyone was filling their plates. I just wanted to make sure they saved me some! I don't have a lot of experience with 2-legged puppies, so my parents watched me and them very carefully. They all were pretty nice about gentle hands and loving on my side and not the top of my head. One liked to chase me, but when I actually hid, they made him stop.

The best story was when we got back to Grandma's. Well, maybe not the best, because I puked once we got home. Everyone was so proud of me, I got a lot of pretzels...maybe a few too many :) But no. The best part was Mom and I were laying on Uncle Ryan's bed and Dad and Uncle Ryan were hanging out with us. Mom looked over and saw a mouse. She directed Dad and Uncle Ryan to where it was and they watched and saw it too. That's when Grandpa got a trap out. He put peanut butter on it to catch the mouse. I wasn't allowed to have any. Boo. I guess it's because I puked a little before. Mom was proud of me again because during all of the commotion, I never even tried to chase it...or even really noticed it. In the morning, Grandpa said the mouse was gone. That's sad. I would have liked to bring him home for a pet!

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  1. It sounds like a very eventful weekend. Hope you got lots of treats and attention for only whining a little, BOL
    Benny & Lily