Monday, October 17, 2011


Remember how I said it was the greatest weekend ever? Well it didn't stop with a trip to Grandma's! And yes, I did get lots and lots of treats for being so good at the many in fact, that I puked them up before the mouse excitement. Luckily it was mostly pretzels and easy for Mommy to clean up :)

After we came home, my mommy got a message from a friend that she and her dog were going to the Arboretum on the University of Kentucky's campus. Would we like to join? I gave Mommy my sad puppy dog eyes and begged and pleaded and she finally said, "Of course!" YAY, MOMMY!

This is the entrance to the Arboretum. The weather was sunny and cool, but not cold, so there were lots of people enjoying the outside. Kids are playing on the hay bales in front of the water tower.

This is my new bestest friend, Molly. She's my mommy's friend's dog. She's a rescue just like me and has lots of energy! She loved being outside. She's a little scared near other dogs, but I helped her with that a little.

Molly got tired and decided to take a rest

Finally we decided we needed a water break. Mommy didn't think that far ahead, but Molly let me share hers.

I had a great time at the Arboretum and I loved meeting Molly and her mommy. I hope I get to play with them again soon!

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  1. Oh so you know the puppy dog every time! Nice to see you making fur-iends too, it makes playtime so much more fun :)