Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I had a great weekend. My people got their duffel bag thing out. I love when that thing appears. It means we're going somewhere. It made me nervous the first time I saw it because I thought my people were going somewhere without me and I'd be all alone and sad. Lucky, that's not the case and whenever my people travel, I get to go along! Yay!

I was hoping we'd go to Grandma's (either one would do. They both love me). But we didn't go to Grandma's. I thought we'd go to Canada since the people kept using that "cabin" word. It's a long drive, but there are so many squirrels to watch. But we didn't go to Canada either. We went to this place called "Gatlinburg." It's in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and just a few hours from my house. We only went for the weekend and spent most of the time doing what we do best--watching football and napping! We did some walking around our cabin though. Never saw bears, like we were told lived nearby. We did see what we think was bear #2, but I knew well enough to leave it alone. I had a hard time keeping an eye on my people in a new place. I needed a vacation by the time we came home!

We have pictures of the cabin, but Mommy's computer is holding them hostage.

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