Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mister's Guide to Thanksgiving (part 3)

Hi everyone! Today is a yucky, rainy day. Mommy had to go to the work place early and she left me all alone with That Daddy Guy. We had a pretty good time, though. I let him rub my belly, give me breakfast, and take me on a walk.

Today's Thanksgiving tip is probably the most important one of all.

Mister's Thanksgiving Tip #3: Practice "Puppy Dog Eyes"

Puppy Dog Eyes. They are the window to all things yummy. Perfect that look and there isn't a THING your people won't give you (except maybe chocolate. Or grapes. Or on
ions. Those are all bad for puppy dogs).

Bonus: Make sure you can spot the biggest sucker in the room. They're the ones most likely to give you yummy things. You might need to add in a really good "sit." This shows the people you're serious about wanting what they have.

Sometimes the direct approach works, too!

You bigger dogs may also want to employ the "head on a knee" look as well. It's a little hard for me, but you just give the human a great puppy dog eye look and then gently put your head on your sucker person's leg. It'll work. every. time.


  1. Mister, you are a wise one! Molly uses the head-on-knee technique, which typically works like a charm. You have very good tips for Thanksgiving. :)

  2. thank goodness for the puppy dog eye...it works!
    Benny & Lily