Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mister's Guide to Thanksgiving (part 1)

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been pretty quiet lately. Mom is my typist and she's been hogging the computer. Something about schoolwork. I wasn't really listening. I was just trying to get my belly rubbed.

Anyway, there is a very important holiday coming up this week. That holiday is called "Thanksgiving." It's my most favoritest holiday because it's all about my favoritest activity: eating! The humans cook up a huge meal, eat more than their tummies can hold, and then take long naps and watch football. Of course, everyone sneaks me some, too. Since it's such a smorgasbord for yummy things, I thought I'd pass along a few tips, so everyone is ready for it!

Tip #1 Clean the house

Thanksgiving means Grandma! And as any dog knows, Grandma = Mom cleaning like crazy. Last year, both my grandmas came to my house.

The humans at Thanksgiving last year (my Aunt Melanie was taking the picture). Don't be fooled by the date on the picture.

This year, my great-grandma (Dad's side) invited everyone to her house, even Mom's family! Isn't she great? Anyway, even though that's one less grandma here, the other one is staying with us, so Mom's got a long list of what to clean. Of course, I've been my usual helpful self.

"Mom, you missed a spot."

Up next: Tip #2: Clean yourself


  1. You're such a good helper!! I'm sure your mom appreciates your efforts very much!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  2. we don't think we were invited
    Benny & Lily