Monday, November 28, 2011


Wow! This has been the best weekend EVER! I knew there was a reason Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. As I mentioned, my grandma, grand-paw, and great-grandma all came to my house. Then we all went to Daddy's grandparents' house. I had a big weekend, so I've got lots of pictures to share.

Of course, I helped Mawmaw and Pawpaw in the kitchen as much as possible

I even threw in a "sit" just for good measure. It worked, too. Pawpaw gave me lots of little turkey pieces.

There were two other puppy dogs there and I didn't like when they tried to chase me. This was my home base and they knew not to bug me there!

Daddy protecting me from the other dogs

Me and my mom

Me and Grand-paw (on Dad's side)

Grandma (on Dad's side) giving me part of her dessert

This is everyone. On the couch is Aunt Reva, Sadie and Barker, Uncle Ryan, Daddy, me, Mommy, and Great (on mom's side). Standing is Grandpaw and Grandma (on Mom's side), Mawmaw (on Dad's side), Uncle Rick, Grandma and Grandpaw and Pawpaw (on Dad's side). That's a lot of sides...I think I ran out of paws counting all that!

This is Grandma (Mom's side) giving me belly rubs the rest of the weekend. Yes please and thank you. I even let Grandpaw (Mom's side) pet on me. Not much, but he was excited.

The fun didn't stop there. On Saturday, Daddy's football team, the Kentucky Wild(kitty)cats beat Tennessee. I didn't understand for a long time why everyone was yelling and everyone on TV was crying. They should be happy! Well, Dad explained that Kentucky had not won since Mommy was 8 months old. She's like, a thousand millonty years old now, so that's a long time. The people were crying because they were so happy and never thought they'd win. Humans are weird. On my walk that evening, I had to wear my bandana to celebrate!

The bad news was Mommy's team lost, so that made her sad, but I cheered her up by giving her lots of kisses. Mommy is lucky to have me.

Now that the turkey is eaten, it's time for Christmas. I think instead of one week-long series, I'll just post tips as they come up.


  1. B&L: Just the way it should be!

  2. That's a very nice sit you gave them. Your mom is lucky to have, you're right, and even luckier that you wore your bandanna without any complaints! But after getting free turkey bits, I don't blame you for humoring the humans!