Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I played a great joke on my mommy today. Lately she's been a sleepyhead and not being in a hurry to get out of bed anyway. Usually, once she is up, I start bouncing off the walls to go on a walk. Well, when she finally got up today, I didn't do that. She put her walking clothes on and I just trotted around. She wanted to do something on her computer real fast, and just laid down. She let me up on the couch and we just snuggled for a little bit. She thought I was sick! No, Mommy. Just playful ;)
Today's a rainy day, but I did finally decide to go walking and we took a shorter-than-normal one. I still loved it!
My challenge for everyone else today is to play a joke on your people. Just don't make it too good and land yourself at the V-E-T.

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